A Tribute to a Woman of Valor

Early this morning, i got a call from my younger Brother, “Hello Bros, Mama Adamasingba has gone ooo!!!” For a moment i was shocked and told him on the phone, its not possible. Burt why is it not possible?

This is a woman, 90yrs+ who has been on her back for about 10yrs due to an illness that left her paralysed and partially blind. This was a woman, who before she was rendered incapacitated, would come visiting us at home and ready to stand for us and fight for justice and fairness for us.

Mama Adamasingba as we fondly call her was like a step Mum to my Grandma, but they call each other sisters (My grandma is 84yrs) and were very close. What is it that i remember fondly about her?

Mama was kind, loving and selfless. She was willing to go the extra mile for everyone she loved. A case in point was when we had a family crisis and she travelled all the way from Ibadan to Ibido in Ogun State to see my Dad but ended up not seeing him cause she couldn’t locate the office. And was still willing to make such trips in the name of peace and get the whole issue settled.

Not only that, she has had cause to settle rifts amongst her children by talking sense into their heads irrespective of who was guilty or not. Even her Grandchildren were not spared as i have taken a verbal lashing from her when i and a cousin of mine were locked in supremacy battle. She was firm and loving.

Mama has every reason to disown some people in her life, but she never did. Instead, she loved them unconditionally and accepted them for who they were and held no grudge.

Mama was very prayerful, each time she comes visiting then, before she leaves, she holds a prayer session praying for blessings and protection.

Mama treks about 2kms to get to our house and back then, there was no GSM. We just hear a knock at the gate and we open the door and shriek, “Mama Adamasingba!!!!” SHe will come with gifts, play with us, talk with Mum and have a girly chat with my Grandma (unfortunately she has not been informed of her passing away and hope no one does) till late evening and my Mum will go drop her at home if possible or at the bus0stop as she would insist. She was a darling….

At Mama’s 80th birthday in 2000, she was all radiant and smiling. Dancing and rejoicing but alas, that would be the last fun filled birthday celebration Mama would do for the following year she took ill and has been incapacitated since then. My heart bled when i saw her……i was shocked and wondered, how come?

But even in that condition, she longed to come see her “Sister” who quite unfortunately can’t leave home because of athritis and an old wound on her back and wished she could come visit us and play with us and…… She was a gem.

Madam Esther Oyeneye, you were such a loving woman, who braved the odds of life to raise her children and give them the best of life. Not only her children, but everyone around her, she gave a sense of worth and value, true appreciation and love. You have braved life’s toughest storms, but it seems death could not be braved. But hey..who says you didn’t brave it?! O grave were is thy sting, o death where is thy victory? You have thus joined the Saints triumphant this morning and am sure to a chorus of welcome anthem and salute for fighting a good fight and not losing the faith.

Mama Adamasingba!!! Sun ree oooo!!!!

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