Sam Aderibigbe is one person that can always get the task done once it’s in alignment with his core values and belief.

Am an economist by training, Finance Manager by profession and Sound Engineering as a hobby among others.

I enjoy working behind the scenes to make sure things work according to plan and successfully.

I have a global view of situations and quite passionate about systems development (Nations and People) and work towards having an understanding of underlying working systems that are successful. And am also a student of historical narratives and perspectives.

I wish to set up a conglomerate that provides jobs for 10,000 Nigerians in the next Ten years.

You can follow me on twitter @Samabiade, instagram: @samabiade007

Am married to Adeyemi Aderibigbe and father to Adeoluwa-Demilade and we are both committed to adding value to our community and society.

Am a Believer in God with no apologies.

3 thoughts on “About

  1. hey sam its francis you remember? hirest!!!!! i think you r doing great and wish you success. i also share in your thoughts and beliefs. but then , if the truth be told, there so many thing that glitters which are not gold and the earlier it is treated the better. all the same i wish you all the best.


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