The King With One Ear – Redemption

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“Your Majesty, i just uncovered a plot by some disgruntled elements to destabilize your coronation by abducting you and killing you. As we speak they are finalizing the plans and i have proof to show how advanced, the plan has gone.” Le Coquin then presented to the King-in-waiting the communication and handwritten notes of Verstockt that he had stolen from his house. Immediately, the King summoned High Chief Metomofin, who in turn convened an emergency Council meeting were it was resolved that the matter be quelled at once by sending the King’s Guards to effect the arrest of the Traitors and the matter nipped in the bud before the coronation day so that it sends a strong warning to anyone who could be contemplating it. Continue reading

The King with One Ear – The King and His Kingdom


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“Le Coquin, am doomed! I can’t hear with my left ear again! To be stung by a bee is a headache on its own. but to be deaf in one ear is a death sentence! How can I ever be King?! What can I do?!!” the Prince broke down in tears as he confided in his friend Le Coquin.  He had not eaten anything in 2 days living in moribund fear of being discovered that he had run foul of the Oracle hence not qualified to be King.

Le coquin,  true to his character was able to proffer a solution to the stricken Prince. He suggested to the Prince that he should keep quiet about it and not say a word and ensure that anyone who wants to talk to him should move to his right side if he, Le Coquin was not

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Invasion of a Kingdom…Pt 2

For when a strong man like Satan is fully armed and guards his palace, his possessions are safe—22: until someone even stronger attacks and overpowers him, strips him of his weapons, and carries off his belongings. Luke 11: 21-22


“Where is Kurt?” Asked Scarface the eldest of the 5 brother Alpha lions. “Is he not back from the mission? He is taking too long..” They paced their enclave together fearing the worst for their brother. Wondering if he had gone on the hunt as was his custom when on such errands or he had been caught by the brothers and they had lived up to their reputation.

Suddenly in flew a Crow, with dread written all over his face. The brothers, braced themselves for the news. Kurt had been killed by the two brothers, he had been badly mauled by them. Grief consumed them, anguish overwhelmed them, and then rage engulfed them in totality. They roared out in fury, bloodthirsty, longing for revenge.

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Invasion of a Kingdom….Pt1

For when a strong man like Satan is fully armed and guards his palace, his possessions are safe—22: until someone even stronger attacks and overpowers him, strips him of his weapons, and carries off his belongings.  Luke 11:21-22

Luke 11:21-22 has never been more real to me until I watched a documentary on NATGEOWILD when it hit like the force of a hurricane what the scriptures mean by this seemingly meaningful and profound statement.

The story goes that there were two brother Alpha lions who ruled their territory for more than 5 years. Their kingdom was quite large has they control a whole wildlife park of thousands of hectares. They were renowned for defending their turf and beating up badly, any challenger or attempted attempt to incur into their territory. The two made a formidable team, Mr T and Kinky tail where their names.

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A Little Patience…..Part 2

Jinadu grew up in the rusty ancient city of Ibadan, in Oyo State. His neighborhood was a low class area of people who work their fingers to the bone to make ends meet. His Father was a bricklayer who struggled really hard to provide for his family and was a disciplinarian who was extremely firm on his children, and spared no moment for them to taste the rod once they erred. His Mother was a petty trader at Agbeni market where she augments what her husband provides for the family. She was a soft spoken woman who lived in fear of her husband and dotes over her three children. Luxury was a scarce commodity.

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A Little Patience…..

Noooooo!!! Helppp Meee!!!! Came the screams of Jinadu as the flames tormented him. How did I get here!!!!!! Mercy Lord!!!!!!!!!

The huge creature tormenting him laughed contemptuously at his cries and sneered at him as he poke him with the hot throng him his hands. Welcome to HELLL!!!!!! He bellowed at him, and hundreds of thousands of hideous blood curling shrieks responded in discordant ear hurting voices.

Jinadu was a 25 year old lad with a bright ambition and full of dreams of the future. He was intelligent, good looking and made good grades while in school. And when he graduated, he got a mouth-watering offer in an oil company. He was the crème de la crème of his mates and colleagues. He rose in ranks and was Senior manager in a matter of 4 years. Things looked bright and beautiful for him and he had everything going well for him. A fully furnished duplex in Lekki, an official 2014 Prado Jeep Land cruiser, a 2013 Toyota Camry and a Lamborghini.

And Ladies, they flock around him like bees around the honey comb. He had them at his beck and call. For every party he attended or was invited to, he attends with a bevy of beauties and retinue of friends and well wishers. Every club in Victoria Island had him on their A list. He was the hot shot…..


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Game of Love and Deception..


Paul was startled out of his dream by his phone ringing… He was taking an afternoon siesta when he found himself in dream land…he was glad to be awakened by the phone as the dream he was having was giving him cold sweat.

It was his childhood friend on the phone, who was calling to ask about him and catch up on old times. After much banter and laughter, his friend asked him,”How’s your wife?”.

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The Wizard of Iyanfoworogi….Part 2

Wale watched in amusement at the consternation on his friends’ faces when he mentioned they need to see the Wizard of Iyanfoworogi. He was almost doubling over in laughter if not for the fact the discussion was serious and important. Nonetheless, he permitted a wide grin to spread across his face.

“What do you mean?” Asked Uche…”Did you do money rituals” asked Jide. They were in absolute disbelief about what their friend just told them. Both would have stood up to call the discussion over if not for the look in Wale’s face that told them he wasn’t kidding and that it was not what they were thinking.

So, they asked him to explain himself by what he meant.

“I had the same reaction when he told me… In fact, i got up angrily and was about to storm out when he said to me, “If you were not up to this, why have you been calling me for two weeks?” I sat down, taken aback, then recalled the statement he made about been poor because you are POOR. “Something is not right here”, I told myself, something is amiss that i need to find. So, I sat down, apologized to him over my reaction and asked him to explain to me and tell me what I need to do.

He smiled a toothy smile and told me the story of the Wizard of Iyanfoworogi.

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The Wizard of Iyanfoworogi….

Jide lazied in dreamland, enjoying the bliss of a man in affluent wealth. He was dreaming about all the things life had offered him, his dream house, dream cars…and been able to take his wife to exotic holidays across the world. He had a customized wall clock that sang beautiful melodies every hour. And has he sauntered round his house, he heard a melody he had not heard before, “Monday Morning!!! Wake up! Wake up! Monday Morning!!! Wake up! Wake up!

He turn round in alarm, and in an instant, he found himself in a vaguely familiar place, a far cry from where he was coming from…and he heard a popular Chief Commander Ebenezer Obey’s song been played just outside his window, “Eni ro wo e loju alaa to n dunu…eni ko te pa mo se nitori ebi…” And he realized he was in his one room apartment in Ajegunle, and it was 6am and would be late for work if he does not bolt out of the house in another 10mins…

He angrily turned off his alarm, his albatross and cursed under his breath his landlord whose favorite musician was Ebenezer Obey and would play all his songs all day as he sat in his reclining chair chatting with his friends and neighbors.

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