The recent waves of abuse on school children on recent is getting rather alarming in the country. This weekend, the death of Obinna in Asaba, a 19months old child allegedly flogged 31 strokes for not been able to recite the alphabet and that the severe abuse of a 3-year-old at a school in Mazamaza in Lagos reflects the rot within our society and what we harbour in the quest to be “valuable” and “create value”. Lest you think it’s all about that, the killing of 5-year-old girl in Kaduna by her school proprietor for ritual purposes is more than chilling, also the death of a pupil in a secondary school in Lagos and the list goes on and on of atrocities going

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On The Famous Side of History

There comes a moment in time, in the history of nations and people of the earth, when you decide, on whose side you want to be.

On the famous side of history or infamous side of history. There is no sitting on the fence here, its simply matter of a single choice.

In our dear nation Nigeria, we just voted out an incumbent, the first time in the history of this nation, and voted in someone loved and wanted by the people. People have played various roles on this glorious journey. The infamous roles spearheaded by the likes of Femi Fani kayode, Ayodele Fayose, Doyin Okupe, Orubebe, Patience Jonathan to mention a few and those who played the famous roles, quite numerous to mention which includes everyone that voted in favour of a change and I need to mention this gentleman …Read Here

Age of Innocence

Puss in boots

I had no business been there, but went all the same. I had no reason to defy the warning signals, but i did all the same. Now its pain, with the innocence gone and the reality staring me in the face. I wish i knew what it was like without actually having to experience it, wish i knew, the travails and the anguish, the joys and the laughter, but alas, knew in such a callous way. I was told what will happen, i was informed of the pros and cons, but i wanted to see it first hand and alas! Here i am… How i would have loved to have done more! To be well prepared if i had known, to put in my best to achieve more, but alas… Continue reading

My Destination

life is a trancient journey. I sit back and reflect over my life and realize i have come a long way and i look ahead and see the journey that still lies ahead. Am i scared? No!

Each stop over i have had, my mind never stayed contented with the place for it looks ahead and sees the distance yet to be covered and longs to move on. Some Bus-stops looks comfortable, but its a lure, i have come to realize, to dull my senses and deprive me of the joy of reaching my ultimate destination.

So, what is my ultimate destination? Success? Wealth? Riches? lovely Home? beautiful and Lovely wife and Kids? Or what?

I have come to realize that my ultimate destination lies in been fulfilled in my calling and bringing joy to people and a smile to the face of someone in need of it.

That is my destination! This is my destination! SHMG!


Dare is a word that rings through the ages. A word that stirs up emotions, passion, courage and determination.

Dare is a word that connotes different meanings to different people to take different actions. You can dare to live, dare to die, dare to believe, dare to care, dare to try, dare to think, dare the circumstance, dare the devil, dare the world! Dare! Dare!! Dare!!!

What is it that we dread to do, to confront, and to admit?

Let us dare it, and damn the consequence. Let us dare to believe in ourselves, to believe in our future, in our dreams, in our country, and in our world.

Let us dare to stand for what we believe in and what we want to do.


Hello world!

Dare is a word i have long thought of, read of and think of anything to add to it.

But am glad am taking this step to start writing. To start a page and communicate my thoughts and reflections. To me its a great step but to you it might be insignificant. In the words of Neil Armstrong, the first astronouat to set foot on the moon, “This is just one small step for a man, but a giant leap for mankind”. A small step, but a giant leap into the future! Welcome to my world!