The Secret of Genius

Do you want your children to be exceptional? Teach them this! There is a genius in every one of us! We all have greatness locked up inside. Few of however ever peel the layers to the point of revealing that great deposit inside us. You may be able to get a key into your genius or your children’s genius this morning.

It was sometimes in 1998, some of my classmates know a part of this story, so you can corroborate it from them. I was in 300 level, and I was saddled with the responsibility of training a course that gave the faculty of engineering students a hard time – CHE 306. I knew next to nothing about the course myself, for reasons I don’t want anyone to learn. I was quite distracted and had not attended any of the classes. The exam day was drawing near, and I had been so helpful to many of my classmates for CHE 201 a year earlier and CHE 305 the previous semester, that the onus fell on me to do the same “magic” with CHE 306. Here was I, a few hours to my popular 5 hrs before the exam day tutorial, and I had not gained understanding of the course. (Read more at

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