Dear God,

Several times i sit and wonder, about the fragility of human allegiance. How often a times i wonder, God, why did you invent the word friend? Who truly is a friend? Who can you rely on? Who truly has your back covered?

You know God a times, i ask myself, if i feel this way, how do you feel, when we let you down, when we disappoint you and do things worthy of your instant anger and indignation. You are merciful of Lord, you are!

When people you look up to, show you they are not worthy to be looked up to… God what will you do?

When people preach a message, but they don’t live up to the message, what do you do o God?

When people you trust, make boast about how they can harness you, and you know within you, that if they see the unharnessed part of you, their lyrics will change, what will you do Lord?

What will you do, Lord, when you are trying to nurture, but the people you are to work together seems only interested in what profits them, what do you do Lord, what do you do??

When people honestly deceive themselves and choose to see what they choose to see and hear what they choose to hear, what do you do Lord?

Am reminded of Whitney Houston’s song, “I look to you” and all i can do is sing it along and meditate on your words, in Psalm 61:2.


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