Parenting of the 21st Century

By Femi Aderibigbe

I stand by every word herein. Listen with an open mind!

The beauty of social media is the diversity of our thought processes, which makes for often interesting, sometimes volatile but mostly entertaining and engaging conversations.

I am probably carved from a peculiar, rare, and hardwood tree, which most likely explains my ability to take a position on a topic and own it, regardless of how many Continue reading

Don’t Cover Your Book (A 2 Mins Read)

By Osideinde Adewale

It was their Physics 101 exam, Sam called out to Kunle in a low voice – Kunle! Kunle! Move your hand, I want to see your answer to question 5.

How many of us remember doing this? Confession time 😛 or maybe you didn’t ask for permission, you just copied anyway. Wehdone ma! Wehdone sir! 🤣🤣🤣

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We will not ALL Agree!



Some have opinions and some have none, yet those without opinions criticize those who have.

Everybody cannot be on one side, because we are not the same. We don’t share the same values, believe in the same things or expect the same outcomes. Even our perception of reality differs, you see the cup as half empty and I see it as half full, and our perceptions will lace our conversations with emotions. So if you insult me for sharing what I see and believe, I take it in good faith. There will always be people with large hearts and those Continue reading


By Tunde Olayode

I am not surprised President Goodluck Jonathan did not win Mo’ Ibrahim Prize for Excellent African Leadership, (5 million US Dollar over ten years and 200,000 US Dollar annually for life) after been nominated (or was he tipped?) like President Olusegun Aremu Okikiolu  Obasanjo. Who was not awarded too, apparently because of his infamous alleged Continue reading


By Tunde Olayode

If before now,you are among the motley crowd of”doubting Thomas,”doubting the veracity of the incontrovertible fact that,there a new “Sheriff” in town,with a name Mohammed Buhari,nor you think,talking about new Sheriff in town all these days,is an infantile jokes of sort.Ladies and gentlemen, Mr Buhari new appointment,that proved all political pundit and book-makers flat- footed wrong,should long have cleared that doubt,since last-night.
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