The country I live…

By Orahachi Onubedo

When corrupt politicians in the opposing party are arrested, you hear people (those in the opposition and the gullible few that follow them) say the government is harassing them.

When internet fraudsters are arrested, people lash out for the anti-corruption agencies for not going after politicians with the same verve.

It kind of makes sense… or doesn’t it?

After all, politicians are the root scum of society. Internet fraudsters (Yahoo boys) are only trying to make a living for themselves.

Politicians deceive people to earn their trust, Yahoo boys don’t (or do they?)

After earning the people’s trust, politicians betray them and make away with people’s monies; Yahoo boys don’t do this one (Okay I’m not too sure of this one).

Rumour has it that politicians use people for rituals, I don’t think anyone has ever heard anything linking Yahoo boys and rituals

Corrupt politicians give the country a bad name. Surely no one associates Nigeria with internet fraud or anything like that.

Or maybe they are just as bad after all.

You see the reason why you don’t have any problem with Internet fraudsters is because their crimes are committed on ‘faceless victims’.

You don’t see the single woman in her 40s desperately looking for love that is getting ripped off. You don’t see the widower who cannot believe that he has found someone to make him love again getting scammed. You don’t!

But they are real people suffering the real consequences of real actions by someone you want the anti-corruption agencies to exonerate.

As much as politicians are a problem, these boys are an equally devastating problem. It is only right that you support anti-graft agencies in getting rid of them

So, Kudos to the EFCC for cracking down of those SOBs. They deserve to be locked up!


Hachi has he’s called is a young brilliant chap serving his fatherland in Lagos Nigeria. He believes firmly in a Greater Nigeria.

The views expressed here are those of the author and in no way reflects the views of the website owner.



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