The Duty of “The Nigerian” III – Legitimacy to Govern and be Governed.

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Legitimacy to Govern.

Every four years, we have individuals present themselves to us as candidates for a political office. Political parties field candidates and present them to the populace as qualified candidates to run a political office. But the question is what legitimate right do they have to govern the population within their domain or territory?

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The Duty of ‘The Nigerian’ II

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Federation, Confederation or What?

In the Northern region, we had the groundnut pyramids that was the hallmark of trade there with several developments and growth occurring in that region, symbolized by several institutions and in the Eastern region we had palm oil and coal, used to advance the region in terms of development and growth and symbolized by the Nnamdi Azikwe University and several institutions there. We essentially ran a federating system that ensured equity in the allocation and distribution of resources that led to equitable development of Nigeria, until the Military stepped in and introduced a Unitary system and the whole thing went south. Right now, we purportedly are running a federal system in a democratic setting, but what we run is a quasi-unitary-federal system with the states going bowl in hand to the center, Abuja to beg for allocations and the instrument of state, Continue reading

What Moral Authority….

Times I wonder the passion with which we criticize and castigate our leaders for flaws and errors of judgement that they make.

Several time I think to myself, if i am on that seat, to what extent will i go? Will i do worse or do better?

I have had reasons several times in the past to be wary of such and times without number i have been proven right on it.

What moral right do you have to judge someone when you are susceptible to doing the same thing and even worse off?

Scriptures read, remove the log in your eye before attempting to remove the log in another person’s eye. The moral, examine yourself first before you slam your neighbour. The good book also says, the same measure you use to judge others will be used to judge you. My point, i try to put myself in the position of the victim, if am that other end, how possible will i avoid not falling into the same pit?

Contrary to what does who are close to me may think, I perform harsh appraisal and do scenario playing on myself. And each time the way i react to people who do wrong is the way I would react to myself if am the offending party.

That is to say, when i walk into a mall, i will go to the section where i want to buy…there all that appeals to me will be selling to me if you get my point.

I find it objectionable if you condemn public holders for not following due process in their dealings but try to take short cuts, yet you take short cuts for granted.

You mock them for giving a political answer whereas you readily give a political solution to issues.

You criticize for double-speak yet you do a triple speak.

You criticize for swaying with the winning crowd, yet you sway to the side of whatever issue that suits your whims at any point in time.

You castigate men for not standing firm yet when you stand….you tow the same line…

You tell men follow this path but you turn the other way..

You preach peace with one hand holding the Olive leaf the other holding an SMG…

Am i absolving myself here…..nein…far be it because it’s a thin line and I fall overboard a times. But as i said earlier, i judge myself harsh if i do it.

But the question still is;

Where is the moral authority……..



Tenure Extension Again?

PE-281-0113Hmm, its been a while that i last posted something on my blog. Doing some reflecting. Well, a lot has been happening the world over. From the global financial meltdown to mundane things happening in different countries.

Well, something caught my eye this morning. It was a newspaper headline on the Punch of today. ‘Panel want tenure extension for Yar’Adua’ From the few details i could get,it it seems the panel set up by the Presidency to look at the Justice Uwais Electoral Reform Report that are making the proposal and its been spear headed by the Attorney General of the Federation!

But i just can’t help but wonder what our leaders were thinking bringing such suggestion up. It seems to me to be a deliberate attempt to forget history and truncate the future,with specific reference to the botched 3rd term bid of Chief Olusegun Obasanjo, the former president of our country. It seems as well that they are yet to learn from the peaceful transition of government in Ghana that took place earlier this year. Little wonder that PDP is seriously and fast losing ground in some states of the federation. But it also calls to mind what our so called leaders think of in their so called chambers and offices.

Now what is been proposed is to have the 4 year tenure extended to 6 years! “The panel reportedly argued that Yar‘Adua ”would have completed the unbundling of the Independent National Electoral Commission,” by being in office for two more years.” What nonsense! Is he the only one capable to do such a task? Or is he going to be the last man to rule this great country of ours?! To me, it’s turning out that confusion over what to do is the order of the day at Aso Rock.Policies that will benefit the greater majority of the nation is been sacrificed for policies that will benefit the very few in the nation. The elite group that will stop at nothing to bring the nation to her knees to achieve their own selfish end.

Frankly, it shows that we don’t have leaders in this country that can stand up and damn the demogogues, men whom the lust of office does not spoil. We need to define the basis of leadership in this country, to set a new, refined standard, of quality acceptable leadership. We need to stand up as a nation and look our leaders in the face and tell them when they are erring and to tow the line of correction.

We need to, as a nation be able to take charge of our destiny and not wait for a corrupt politician or leader to define our destiny for us. The future of a great Nigeria begins now! Not tomorrow. I love the Bank PHB advert of recent, of living your own script and not living another person’s script. Its time we write our script as a nation and not wait for anybody to write it for us. Lets say no to any form of banditry by our government.

Long live the Federal Republic of Nigeria!