The Duty of ‘The Nigerian’ II

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Federation, Confederation or What?

In the Northern region, we had the groundnut pyramids that was the hallmark of trade there with several developments and growth occurring in that region, symbolized by several institutions and in the Eastern region we had palm oil and coal, used to advance the region in terms of development and growth and symbolized by the Nnamdi Azikwe University and several institutions there. We essentially ran a federating system that ensured equity in the allocation and distribution of resources that led to equitable development of Nigeria, until the Military stepped in and introduced a Unitary system and the whole thing went south. Right now, we purportedly are running a federal system in a democratic setting, but what we run is a quasi-unitary-federal system with the states going bowl in hand to the center, Abuja to beg for allocations and the instrument of state, grinding to a halt once allocation does not flow.

What this has encouraged is a set of politicians and technocrats, who can’t think innovative solutions to run a creative and robust governance, but rather sit down, and await instructions and directions from Abuja before they can sneeze. By inference, we now have a civil service of lay abouts who can’t think of anything until the governor says so, and a local government that can’t move until the governor says so because the governor is awaiting Mr. President to give him the go ahead to run his state. How prespoterous!!!!!!!

In a nutshell, we have allowed a system whereby we are people dependent and not system or process dependent and in that same vein created mini emperors in state governors and local government chairmen and made demigod the presidency. And we use this system to oppress ourselves and jettison the rule of law and the vitals of the constitution to protect and to serve the people. No wonder everybody wants to get into a political office and little wonder, they are willing to kill to remain in power and by the cookie jar. For ask yourself, why is there so much focus on the presidency to do all things but willfully and maybe ignorantly overlook the governor of the state and the local government chairman in your immediate locality. We are quick to accuse the president of not doing anything, but the councilor covering your ward of residence, you don’t even know him not to talk of the chairman responsible for the Local Government you reside. Ohh, let’s not even talk about the State Assemblies! Ohhh we have House of Reps and Senators covering different parts of the country as well that we don’t even know their names or the non-functioning constituency office!!!! Shame!!!!! But we know the president and he ought to clear the drainage on our street, fix the road in our local government, police the state activities, and also govern the nation all from Abuja, the FCT? That must be superhuman of the president and for us to elect such…shows our level of thinking…how bright we are as citizens, is it not?

Until we call a spade a spade and hold each representative accountable for what they have been elected to do in this nation Nigeria, we cannot have a fully cohesive federal structure. From the Councilor in each ward level, to the State Assembly, to the Governor and the Federal Legislature and ultimately the President, each man/woman must be accountable in the discharge of their duties and held responsible. The reason we have a Legislature is because they are there to represent the will of the people and advance the cause of the people! Not seat there and collect allowance that cannot be disclosed and fill entitled to rule and not commited to serve. If you run an organization, you would do quarterly appraisals and sanction anyone dropping the ball. This is done because we need to make profit as an organization why then can’t the same measure be applied to governance? Why not hold a representative accountable, have access to that representative and appraise his work and give him or her a feedback! It is called federating units and they are the elected leaders so hold them accountable! Once that is done, we can hold the President accountable for what he ought to be doing! And wait a second, it just occurred to me? Do these representatives have a job description?

Justice Equity and Fairness 

“There really can be no peace without justice. There can be no justice without truth. And there can be no truth unless someone rises up to tell you the truth.”

Louis Farrakhan

How often do we speak the truth to ourselves about our actions and inactions? From the highest person in the land to lowest person in the land that can ever be? How sincere are we in calling out wrong without sentiments and speaking the truth without bothering whose ox is gored? Do we try to be politically correct? Diplomatic in approach ? And sensitive to blowback? Whichever category we find ourselves, the fact remains, are we approbating what should be accordingly?

To be Continued

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