Letter To My 3 Year Old Self.

By Femi Aderibigbekwame

Look at us now, Femi! Look at how far we have come!

We were born into a failed marriage, but we were comfortable and loved anyways.

We both went through turbulence in our formative years, but we came out alive, even though with a few scars…

We faced so many rejections, frustrations and obstacles, but we keep standing tall.

We were targets of so many strange fires that threatened to burn us down, but we keep rising from the ashes that they left in their wake, just like a Phoenix.

We were told we wouldn’t amount to much and we would always be alone, today we are surrounded by so many good people.

We were always voted least likely to succeed in any gathering, but we are living our dreams of years past now.

The flames didn’t scald us, the stones didn’t bury us, the floods didn’t drown us, the hate didn’t consume us, the unending love of God always protected us.

Look at us now, Femi! Look at how far we have come! kwame2

But more importantly, look at the future and the incredible possibilities it holds for us both and our offspring.

Hang on tight young man, I’ll make you proud soon…

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