The Real Miracle…

miracle-working-godBy Femi Aderibigbe

There is a lot of talk going on about the recent expose on the multiple “healings” of a woman with a strange upper arm condition by apparently a legion of “Men of God” who have been caught pants down messing with people’s minds.

This has been tagged “Audio Miracles”, and has caused a social media frenzy, with so many people already rightfully disgruntled with the sharp practices and dishonorable conducts of notable religious leaders and churches in general, taking shots at everything and everyone.

Do I believe in miracles? Yes, I strongly believe that waking up every day, seeing the sun rise and the flowers bloom, breathing in oxygen and exhaling carbon dioxide, being able to see, touch, feel, hear, are all miracles we should be appreciative of, everyday.

Sadly, we have embraced superficiality on a global scale, so these little miracles have become inadequate and we want more! So like mental and spiritual junkies, we keep looking for “signs and wonders”, because we are becoming more and more disconnected with what really matters in the world.

I believe that once in a while, God intervenes and influences natural processes, this is what we have termed as “miracles”. The thing is, He does it when He wills, through whoever He wills and for whatever reason or purpose He wishes to achieve.

I am a living witness of such rare supernatural interventions in the affairs of men. I’ll share my one of my personal experiences with you. A friend of mine had a freak accident in Abeokuta a long time ago. A car ran over him and in the process his right thigh got caught up in the underbelly of the vehicle and the impact broke his pelvic bone.

The car also dragged him on the tarred road for a little distance, which scrapped off the entire outer layer of skin on a sizable portion of his back. We rushed him to the hospital and he was there for almost a month, treating the extensive flesh wound and the broken bone.

One day after his discharge, we were supposed to go to the hospital in Onikolobo, Abeokuta for cleaning and fresh dressing up of the wound as an out patient. First we had to drop his mum at her store. On the way, his mum sees her two friends waiting for a cab and she tells us to give them a lift.

They all got talking and she learnt they were going to a pastor Tunde Bakare crusade at Ake in Abeokuta (yes, the same Tunde Bakare, the former presidential candidate). She suddenly changes her mind and said she wants to attend the crusade too and asks us to drop her and her friends off at the crusade first.

We get to the crusade ground and she suddenly insists we stay and be part of the event. My friend was furious because he was in pain and attending a crusade was the last thing on his mind at that time. He just wanted to get his dressing and go home to rest. She had her way, needless to say and we had no choice but to stay.

It got to a point where Pastor Tunde Bakare asked everyone with any health issues to come out. My friend was not having it, but mothers always get their way as you all know, so there we were, out in the long line, me supporting my friend on one side, even with his crutches and all.

The pastor started praying from up there on the raised platform without physically coming into contact with any of the people below and I kid you not, my friend suddenly shook violently like 240 volts of electricity went through him! I was holding him, so I felt every bit of it vibration!

The Pastor then asks everyone on the line to start doing what they couldn’t do before. Lo and behold, my friend with the fractured pelvic bone, who couldn’t stand on his own, who had to be supported even to the bathroom, started jumping up and down!

An interesting part of the whole story is that, apart from going up the stage to meet the Pastor briefly, there were no other interaction with him or any of his people. No demand for tithes, healing offering, follow ups with the hope of recruiting us to the church, nothing! Literally just like how it was in the Bible back in the day.

Another interesting thing for me is why did the pelvic bone get healed but the skin on the back of my guy was still the way it was? I remember driving him to the hospital the next day for dressing of his flesh wound and the nurses ran away when they saw him walk in without crutches and unaided. I guess the answer is that He does what he wants, to who he wants, whenever he wants!

Therefore, anyone who positions him or herself as a facilitator of regular miracles on demand, is most likely doing it for TV ratings and a share of the ever increasing desperate public quota. These are the increasing numbers of people that are worried about decaying infrastructure, a weak economy and lack of functional social welfare packages.

I don’t blame the guy men who fleece these people as much as the people who have decided to subject themselves to incredible absurdities and modern day slavery, all in the name of “looking for miracles”.

There are miracles in Christianity, Islam, Ifa, science, medicine and in every sphere of human existence and even across the universe, seen and unseen.

Our brains have more computing power than most super computers, we just don’t put them to ten percent of its potential, therefore we have become mentally indolent and financially crippled.

The real miracle is YOU and the wonders of creation all around you!

Always remember that.

PS: This is not an endorsement of any personality or religion, this is just a recount of a personal experience.

God bless.

Femi Aderibigbe (Kwame) is the CEO & Visioner of Nigezie and Orisun TV (under Virtual Media Network LTD). He is passionately involved in Youth and National Development and he is a Social Media Enthusiast a platform he readily uses to engage youths.

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