Broken screens can still take good pictures…

By Femi Aderibigbe

On a flight from Abuja to Lagos, I sat just a row behind a young couple.

They were with a little girl, not more than 2 years old, obviously their daughter.

I sat on an aisle seat, on the right side of the aircraft.

The father, carrying the little girl, also sat on an aisle seat, on the left side of the aircraft.

This positioning gave me a pretty good view of both the dad and daughter.

While waiting for take-off, the “nursing” father whips out his phone and starts taking selfies with his daughter, like every doting dad would.

I’m sitting there, chilling, trying to mind my business (as an aspiring gentleman should).

However, I couldn’t help but notice that his phone screen was cracked, so the images looked unappealing and distorted on the screen (feel free to call me an Aproko, with your full chest).

I was put off by the distorted image and was about to look away, when my inner voice spoke to me.

It told me to look at the screen again, so I did, and then it whispered to me these words I will never forget, “Broken Screens Still Take Good Pictures…”

I froze, because immediately I realized that although their image was distorted on this broken phone screen, it was going to look normal when you view it on another phone with a good screen.

It doesn’t matter how badly you have fallen.

It doesn’t matter how much mud has been thrown on you by random people.

It doesn’t matter how badly people have spoken about you and soiled your name.

It doesn’t matter whatever people’s present perception of you may be.

That is THEIR view of you from THEIR own BROKEN mental screen.

You are still PERFECT in image, just as the Creator designed you to be!

Don’t allow their distorted views lead you into depression or self-doubt.

Your true image is secure, inside the gallery of your heart.

It is still beautiful and it is still unique.

You don’t need to add any unnecessary filter, just to please anyone.

Those who are privileged to see you with a “clear” screen, will see the beauty in you.

The rest don’t really matter.

You are enough.

You have always been enough.

God bless.



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