On The Famous Side of History!

There comes a moment in time, in the history of nations and people of the earth, when you decide, on whose side you want to be.

On the famous side of history or infamous side of history. There is no sitting on the fence here, its simply matter of a single choice.

In our dear nation Nigeria, we just voted out an incumbent, the first time in the history of this nation, and voted in someone loved and wanted by the people. People have played various roles on this glorious journey. The infamous roles spearheaded by the likes of Femi Fani kayode, Ayodele Fayose, Doyin Okupe, Orubebe, Patience Jonathan to mention a few and those who played the famous roles, quite numerous to mention which includes everyone that voted in favour of a change and I need to mention this gentleman, Ashiwaju Bola Ahmed Tinubu, hate or love him, he played his role very well and to the applause of the nation. Least I forget, the two men whose role were quite pivotal in this movie, Prof Atthairu Jega, the INEC Chairman who oversaw the election and the man who gave him the free rein and who was magnanimous in defeat to reach out to his opponent and congratulate him even before the final results came out, the defeated incumbent President, Goodluck Ebele Jonathan.

Much need not be said about the task ahead of the President Elect, Gen Muhammadu Buhari. For this election has demonstrated the will of the people to wield their power at the polling booth to administer the scorecard on a non-performing government. Truth be told, power has not only changed hands at Aso Rock, it has changed hands with the People of Nigeria themselves, who have evolved from been inured from the election process to been passionately involved in the process.

Its an awakening, to the possibilities unlimited ahead of us when we speak with one voice, and rise above religious sentiments and ethnic jingoism. Its one nation, under God, for the good of all men, women and children called NIGERIANS.

Dear Mr. President Elect, I have read your profile, and I know your antecedents, and am sure you will do the right thing once sworn in. Pardon me, if it seems am giving an unsolicited advice as am sure you will have received tons and tons of advice and what have you. But let me add my 2 cents to the tons of advice. And it’s a simple line, “God first, Nigeria Second, every other thing follows.”

We have come a long way as a nation and I believe, the time of change truly is here. Change in governance, change in policy, change in politics, change in economic dynamics and change in the psyche of the people.

Today, am proudly a Nigerian, proud to know that I am part of the future that I want my kids to grow in, part of the team that wants to birth and nurture the future Nigeria, where all men are equal and everyone has access to the basic necessities of life for free with equal opportunities to excel and thrive in prosperity.

To join this team, kindly follow this link; http://goo.gl/eEW48W It’s not “for them”, its “for us”.

In the words of King Sunny Ade song rings my ears, “ This country Nigeria, is for us all, we must not let it down, lets join hands and unite, to lift our nation to the annals of glory.”

God Bless Nigeria, God Bless the President Elect, God Bless the Federal Republic of Nigeria.

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