My Destination

life is a trancient journey. I sit back and reflect over my life and realize i have come a long way and i look ahead and see the journey that still lies ahead. Am i scared? No!

Each stop over i have had, my mind never stayed contented with the place for it looks ahead and sees the distance yet to be covered and longs to move on. Some Bus-stops looks comfortable, but its a lure, i have come to realize, to dull my senses and deprive me of the joy of reaching my ultimate destination.

So, what is my ultimate destination? Success? Wealth? Riches? lovely Home? beautiful and Lovely wife and Kids? Or what?

I have come to realize that my ultimate destination lies in been fulfilled in my calling and bringing joy to people and a smile to the face of someone in need of it.

That is my destination! This is my destination! SHMG!

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