Age of Innocence

Puss in boots

I had no business been there, but went all the same. I had no reason to defy the warning signals, but i did all the same. Now its pain, with the innocence gone and the reality staring me in the face. I wish i knew what it was like without actually having to experience it, wish i knew, the travails and the anguish, the joys and the laughter, but alas, knew in such a callous way. I was told what will happen, i was informed of the pros and cons, but i wanted to see it first hand and alas! Here i am… How i would have loved to have done more! To be well prepared if i had known, to put in my best to achieve more, but alas… Why did i say no and not yes, why did i say yes and not no…defining moments. How i wished i had done it then, tasted the thrills and the frills and be able to share my pre-experience, but alas….better off or worse off…. Ohhh! Why didn’t i take that opportunity, twas a golden chance not to be missed…but alas… The age of innocence, is that period you realize, this is what i should have done, but this is what i did. The defining moment in your life, the crest that sets the pace for every other event in your life to follow. Its always ongoing…it never stops…its what you learn from the experience that will determine, if you are wisely innocent, or foolishly innocent at your next encounter. NB: Join me tomorrow by 10am for the day 3 of the A2W June Rally at Our Place 7 Olufunmilola Okikiolu street off Toyin to learn how to sustain your business. Be smartly innocent, and not foolishly innocent! Follow on twitter and google+ @A2WRally and @A2WNigeria a2w rally3

Also Singles Uncensored 2nd edition with Temitope Akinyemi by 4pm at the same venue, its gonna be fun!


Invite your friends as well to join. Now is not the time, i repeat again, to be innocently foolish but smart!!! Let’s have a fun filled weekend!!!

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