We Are All Thirsty…….


Sometime last week, i took a rare day off work and went visiting a close a close family member. He was on his way for a prayer meeting and he invited me along.

We got there, the meeting was almost over so he ran in to join the prayer….and when i got there my spirit did not settle in for the meeting so i stepped outside to wait out the meeting. Then it came to me….there are several churches, mosques, religious organisations and several religious programs all over the place and still no end to the seemingly mirage of problems they all seek in these places.

Then Jesus’s encounter with the Samaritan Woman came to mind in John 4. If you will recall, he was thirsty and tired and he happened upon the well and sat by it and the woman came along to fetch water, and he asked for her a drink of water. Let’s leave the banters they threw about their origins alone and look at the underlying information that changed the course of the story.

Jesus told her, if you drink of this water, you will thirst again (mind you it was the well of Jacob, dug during his time hence has an history behind it) and he offered her waters from the well of life from which she can never be thirsty again.

We all go to churches, attend programs all year round, fast and pray moreorless over the same issues and still no end seems to be in sight for it. It seems to me, that we glory is crying out to God all the time and it looks like God ain’t interested in our well-being at all or he simply enjoys us crying to him daily, every second of the say that passes by. But the question that jumps out at me in this whole imbroglio is, from which well are we drinking from? Jacob or Jesus?

The sad irony is, there are different wells of Jacob, even if the well of Jacob could deliver, it has been adulterated and so diluted that your thirst does not get satisfied, rather it worsens it.

The truth be re-enforced, the good book says only God knows those who truly serve him. And Christ himself made it clear that several people will claim on that day, they performed astounding miracles in his name but he will deny them. Why? From which well are you drinking?

We have wells been fronted to be the well of life, but you will know when you drink from the well of life, but the truth is, we are not thirsty enough to long after that one well, as David aptly describes, “as the deer panted after the water, so my soul longs after you….” We choose to drink in snippets like overfed and over-pampered babies that we have chosen to be, more comfortable to drink from the next available well rather than go on the search for the WELL that will satisfy you for evermore.

We keep getting deceived because we choose to tabernacle by the well of Jacob based on its history and heritage and we have settled at the base of the mountain instead of moving to the mountain top to experience God in a different way then before.

We are getting too comfortable with God, and we are content with the level of our success and achievement and we don’t yearn for more from him. Yet he want us to yearn for more, because the river that makes glad the city of God, flows from his throne..an we need to enter into his presence to access the goodness and the wellness of the spring of life and have our thirst satisfied.



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