Always Seek A Second Opinion…


About two weeks ago, had some discomfort in my right eye and ignored it till last Tuesday when i decided to go see the Doctor.

And i got a shocking news….

Diagnosis was Pterygium, and the remote cause unknown but associated with windy and sandy areas. Solution, minor surgery to scrape off the affected area and do a skin grafting to prevent reoccurrence.

I was taken aback and must say the prospect of a surgery no matter how minor wasn’t palatable to me. So placed a call home, to reach my cousin who was an eye consultant in UCH. He requested i come over so he can see for himself. And there, a second opinion took charge.

In his words, “You don’t need surgery as it has not covered your retina. If it has then surgery needs be done. But as it is, will prescribe medication for you to take for two weeks after which I’ll re-examine you again”. What a sweet relief!!! Just apply medication, take precautions and fit as a fiddle!

And he proceeded to share some insights about the eye and the different specialists that handles each field. And went on to say, the surgery won’t have been possible as there is no way a Ophthalmologist will perform under an Optometrist…and the field war between medical practitioners.

The long and sum of it, used the medication prescribed, and the result was amazing! So you need a second opinion that counts, seek information or you need a thorough breed, sincere Doctor to look at your eyes, then visit:

Your eye is your light….always seek a second opinion!


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