Lessons from the Beach

I had an awesome time this last weekend.

I can’t recollect the last time i had such a refreshing weekend where i had to close my work mode and turn on play mode. It’s quite interesting the paradigms of life you tend to see when such things happen.

I got a call Friday night asking if i would like to go to the beach on Saturday…i agreed hesitantly since i wasn’t sure who and who will be on board..am more comfortable with people am used to for a while than complete strangers and acquaintances. Moreover, a senior colleague had been on my case for been a work worm with no social life whatsoever so my Saturday was billed to either go watch movie or find something doing outside of work!

Destination was Elegushi Private Beach, and waoh..i was glad i went because i learnt some valuable lessons from the experience.

1). Appreciate God: This is the foremost lesson i learnt on Saturday at the beach. Most times, the bright lights in the city, the hustle and bustle makes us forget the little things that matters most..a word of thanks and appreciation to God for that singular opportunity.

I got to appreciate God and say thank you to him when i came face to face with the work of his hands, undiluted.

2). Appreciate Nature: Nature gives a sense of balance to all things we do…i learnt that from Yanni, one of the best Jazz artist in the world and my favorite. With nature, you tend to see things from a different perspective devoid of the usual artificial tuffs we see everyday..that is if we even get to see them. The natural cool breeze unpolluted by smell, noise, what have you that is prevalent in the areas we stay, the smell of the ocean…how soothing…..

3). Never Underestimate Nature: Taking a look at the broad picture, we tend to underestimate nature to our peril. The man working 24/7 without a break thinking hey..its all about the money..will learn the hard way. The force of the waves breaking on the shore line was tumultuous….the sound, thunderous…you don’t want to be caught in it. Its safer watching and observing from afar and savoring it in the sound and the sights.

4) Nature will always stay nature: No matter what climate change proponents may say, nature will always remain nature. God said, as long as hos covenant with the day remains and the seasons, he will not break his covenant with the family of David to put someone on his throne….forever. The truth is, nature constantly reminds us that, God, by the immutability of his word, cannot fail in his promise to you. If he says yes, it is yes, and if he says no, it is no. He does not hide in a dark corner and whispers what he won’t be able to do.. Whether you like it or not, the tide of the ocean will rise and fall, waves break on the shore line, the sun comes out in the morning and sets, the seasons of life maintain their course, unbroken. Nature will always be nature and it will reclaim what is rightfully hers…its just a matter of time of been true to her nature.

5) Don’t cheat nature: Two month ago thereabout i was at Elegushi beach, and when i got there this last weekend, i was shocked! About 50 meters or so of the shore had been lost to the ocean despite attempts by government to stem the tide of ocean surge. Ocean Surge is really wreaking the coast lines of Lagos Nigeria. And its high time we wake up to reality.

And the truth is, land reclamation is not sustainable, nature will find her way to reclaim what belongs to her. Same thing in our personal lives..if we do not take heed to the things that matter most, rob Peter to pay Paul and feel or think we are too smart for ourselves, nature has a way of running full circle…they call it the law of karma, the good book says full measure pressed down shaken together shall men give unto you for whatsoever you do.

6) Have fun! Have fun no matter what…nature is fun! Spend time with friends, take a walk along the beach, feel the breeze, taste the saltiness in your mouth, feel the sand on your body, seat down on the sand and play with the sand, reflect and get lost in thought, and let the words of this Irish Flock song play in your ears as you let the stress flow out of your body…..

“From far away I hear sweet voices calling me,
and in my thoughts come mem’ries flooding fast,
a childhood song, in all its dear simplicity
brings happy tears to one whose childhood days are past.
Sing on my heart, for days that will not come again,
oh sing those songs of life that was so fair,
while from afar, come voices easing all my pain
and sorrow dies and mem’ry drives away all care!”

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