Lessons from the Beach

I had an awesome time this last weekend.

I can’t recollect the last time i had such a refreshing weekend where i had to close my work mode and turn on play mode. It’s quite interesting the paradigms of life you tend to see when such things happen.

I got a call Friday night asking if i would like to go to the beach on Saturday…i agreed hesitantly since i wasn’t sure who and who will be on board..am more comfortable with people am used to for a while than complete strangers and acquaintances. Moreover, a senior colleague had been on my case for been a work worm with no social life whatsoever so my Saturday was billed to either go watch movie or find something doing outside of work!

Destination was Elegushi Private Beach, and waoh..i was glad i went because i learnt some valuable lessons from the experience.

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Sunshine in the Rain

I got the most unusual form of encouragement from a person i never imagined would be reading my blog. Its a lady i have come to respect over the years that i have known her. And when she informed me that she reads and follows my blog, i was uplifted in my spirit.

Am sure you will be wondering what is uplifting about it. That information came, just in the nick if the moment when i was depressed and tired out, when the rain clouds have gathered and lightning and gusty winds blowing all around.

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Quite a while that i sent a post out. Been so much occupied with work and all the sorts that i have not had a moment to pour out my mind and thoughts…Sam’s thots its called and should be filled with my  thoughts on issues.

Well several waters have passed under the bridge, events have happened in our country and in my personal life has well and several times i have sat back to reflect on it.

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