Sunshine in the Rain

I got the most unusual form of encouragement from a person i never imagined would be reading my blog. Its a lady i have come to respect over the years that i have known her. And when she informed me that she reads and follows my blog, i was uplifted in my spirit.

Am sure you will be wondering what is uplifting about it. That information came, just in the nick if the moment when i was depressed and tired out, when the rain clouds have gathered and lightning and gusty winds blowing all around.

If we all want to face it, there is no superman in us no matter how we try to project it. We get swamped with work, family issues, finances, church, our environment and our country just to generalize about it and we wonder in our hearts, what’s with all these madness!

You know, when the rain falls, a pretty heavy one that hinders your movement. The type that you wished had caught you in bed snuggled under your sheets but unfortunately you are out cold. It brings a sense of hopelessness and despair when you know unless it stops, you not moving an inch.

Atimes, its hurricane sandy type of storm that forced closure of NYSE. This is worse off actually because it brings in its wake, destruction and desolation and you wonder where to start.

While i don’t intend to start defining the kind of storms we experience in the world but use it as a simile to the challenges we go through in life and how we respond to it.

Mother nature has actually been designed in such a way to proffer solutions and succour to us.

How many of us have seen an instance of the rain falling and the sun shining? An irony i believe. While superstitious people will give it a definition, i see it has an encouragement from Mother nature to us that, don’t worry, its all for a while…with the sun shining brightly and warmly in the midst of the wetness.

Another of Mother nature’s most encouraging attribute is the rainbow. God! I love it enormously when after a blistering storm, and there is so much flood and mess everywhere and i look up, and see a rainbow, warmth seeps from deep within me and envelopes me. Why, it reminds me of the promises of God to the People of the world not to destroy the earth with water again.

We need people like Mother nature in our lives and we need to be like Mother nature in people’s lives as well. The truth is, in the midst of our day to day activities, running like scalded chicken from dusk to dawn, working like an elephant but getting the rewards of a monkey. We need, those moments of sunshine in the rain to stir our hearts up and give us hope of a future, bright and beautiful. Hope of a world, where
 you have each others shoulders to lean on, hope of giving a smile and been rewarded with one.

The good book says, a human spirit can endure a sick body, but who can bear a crushed spirit? Don’t get crushed in your spirit before you open the curtain to allow the sunshine into your darkened room. And don’t let that fellow just a step from you get crushed in his spirit before you give him an encouraging pat on the back or a word of comfort.

We all need to be someone’s sunshine in the rain.

Thank you Bem-Bem for been a sunshine to this post!


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