True North of Decision


“Out of the night that covers me, black as the pit from pole to pole..i am the master of my fate, i am the captain of my soul!”…..6 years i sang that song with my classmates in secondary school. Used to think it was just one of those meaningless songs with ungodly undertone. But maturity and the ways of life have made me realize, it’s a song latent with meaning, pregnant with words..unspoken.

Several times we believe our destiny lies with decide as he chooses .but the good book makes it clear that of all the creatures made by only has the freedom of choice. That is, freedom to make decisions that will make or mar the course of his life.

Several times, such decisions don’t come easily, and a times they come fluidly like a fast flowing river. But the bottom line, we live with the consequences of our decisions..good or bad.

I am not a quick decision maker, like to take time to deliberate on it..and once convinced..i move swiftly to close. Made some pretty hasty ones as well..which i have regretted dearly and wish i could turn back the hands of time to correct that error. But alas! Its gone.

But let’s come to think of it, how often do we think through our decisions? Whether we have deliberated on it or not. Our instincts is one of the greatest gift God has given us….and its also our greatest undoing most times. But an instinct tuned and toned to the source seldom fail..i have come to discover. But it still boils down to us deciding…

There is a quote i came across a while back, there are many footpaths that leads to the mountaintop, when our footsteps cross, lets shake hands and progress on till we all reach the mountaintop..which is our destination. the truth is, we chart our path of success in life. We do not necessarily have to follow a dogged path…chart a new course, follow a new trail,  be adventurous…the bottom-line  let your compass be focused on the true north, which is the mountaintop of your destination….of whatever you want to be.

One of the greatest teachers who lived on earth and i happen t pass through, the Late Dr. Tai Solarin, had this maxim, “We can become whatever we choose to be, no kings, no lord, no knave can say us nay..for we believe a man is a potential doctor, lawyer or crook or dwarf or giant, whichever he sets his mind to be..”

I have decided, to follow my heart and set my mind on the course…..that i so desired to follow, no matter what as long as i am focused on the true north of my destination..which is success….and succeeding in my what i have set my mind on to do…for humanity.

So Help Me God!!!.

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