Today marks the beginning of another year for me on earth.

Its been a sojourn of three decades plus of different experiences and lessons.

I look back and i take a look at the past, things that i had done, things that i had accomplished, the battles won and the battles lost. In it all, i say thank you to God….because, for his grace….i wouldn’t know where to be found.

I look ahead, and see the pathway and the future God has destined for me, i approach with trepidation, not because i don’t trust God, but because of the enormous responsibility that comes with that particular path. But one thing i have asked God, GRACE.

Am not sure what my scorecard will be in the office today, has it is the tradition, when we mark our birthdays, but am sure and hopeful i would get a few positives compared to last year :)….Its always a time of genuflection and areas to work on. I sure know am a work in progress, and its not about the feedback..though its a measure of check to see how far you have progressed. But what i rely on, is what God tells me daily…” I am your Father, greater is what you have in you than what is in the world….The world awaits your coming and the due season..”

This is meant to be a brief post, just to say Thank you Father for adding another year to my life, for the good things you have in store for me, for the land that is spread all around to be conquered, for the destinies to be blessed, homes restored, blind seeing, the deaf hearing and the good news been spread.

I ask for this Father, to see you more clearly, love you more dearly and follow you more nearly, day by day. Amen.

Happy Birthday to ME!!!!



True North of Decision


“Out of the night that covers me, black as the pit from pole to pole..i am the master of my fate, i am the captain of my soul!”…..6 years i sang that song with my classmates in secondary school. Used to think it was just one of those meaningless songs with ungodly undertone. But maturity and the ways of life have made me realize, it’s a song latent with meaning, pregnant with words..unspoken. Continue reading

In Defence of God.


I read a article by Jonathan Power on Palestine and the war of civilisations in todays punch newspaper and i would want to disagree with some points made in that article about the tolerance level of the two religions; Islam and Christianity. While it is acknowledge historically and i have read as well that Islam is a religion of the sword,i beg to disagree that its more tolerant than Christainity. Evidence abounds in the northern part of Nigeria of how intolerant the Moslems there are,the Jos crisis is an recent example of this. How many times in the history of religious crisis in the country have you heard of Christians instigating an attack on moslems?

From the global perspective and historical antecedent, i agree that some atrocities have been commited in the name of christianity especially during the holy crusades, especially during the attempts to recapture the holy land,but i will like to bring to your notice that there was a period in christain history that was known as the dark ages in which christians/believers were persecuted for their differing point of view by christians/believers of the same faith. The era of Roman Catholic Popes calling the shots in affairs of sovereign states and any attempt to resist the Pope’s authority was met with the threat of excommunication. Continue reading