Quite a while that i sent a post out. Been so much occupied with work and all the sorts that i have not had a moment to pour out my mind and thoughts…Sam’s thots its called and should be filled with my  thoughts on issues.

Well several waters have passed under the bridge, events have happened in our country and in my personal life has well and several times i have sat back to reflect on it.

Perhaps of all the thoughts rambling through my head, what presses most is the need for a time out. For the little pleasures life has to offer….the minute things we tend to overlook in our pursuit of daily living and thirst for greatness.

We wake up every morning and dash out to our respective jobs…..some of us rush through prayers, that is if we barely manage to pause and pray. We run through the day, like an olympic race champion after the medal and sprint through our to do list as the sun wanes in the west. And then we dash off home, exhausted, spent and crash into bed and wake up to begin the whole process again. What a life!

On independence day, i had the privilege to attend the Spirit of David 15 year dance event at Lekki with colleagues and friends. Well am not much of a social person but do try to catch fun when the opportunity presents itself. We all had fun, the dance routines were on point and the interpretation of the different songs been played. But the high point for me was on our return journey home. It happened to be a full moon night….most people won’t notice that..with all the bright lights all over the place. And i asked a colleague, have you seen the moonlight on water before? Her response was no and when we got on 3rd mainland bridge i pointed it out to her and she was mesmerised. It was a sight beautiful to behold and quite refreshing.

Which brings me to this question, how many of us have time to appreciate the beauty of nature around us? Its a gentle reminder to the awesome awesomeness of God’s greatness. The full moon, the gentle breeze, the chirping of the birds, the roar of nature (even though at present, not pleasant for everyone) and not only that, the little perks of life that we take for granted.

Let’s take a moment to breathe in an air of appreciation and thankfulness for the beautiful things of life despite the contrary reports and depressing news around us daily. Let’s take a moment to sniff in the air and not the air-conditioned air, to enjoy the sunlight and not the bulb light, to lift our heads up in worship and not in strategising.

The wise sages of the eastern part of the world did not attain that status by mere feat, they took time to appreciate, meditate and apply the lessons learnt in that time period to their lives hence deliver impactfully on their society.

Let’s take time to appreciate people around us, to celebrate them and be there for them always. High moments and low moments, let’s get it covered. Friendship matters, relationship matters so also, your life matters.

Sam, you must create time to get a breather and appreciate the fine things of life. its not all about work and work and work. But its about been effective in delivery and in your personal life. Celebrate people, appreciate people, and love people and see the wonders that would result from it.

I leave with this song from the SOP 444;

All things bright and wonderful, all creatures great and small.

All things bright and wonderful, the Lord God made them all!

Each little flower that opens, each little bird that sings,

He made their glowing colors, he made their tiny wings.

Figure out the rest…..lololol

Have a splendid weekend!!!!!


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