Much Ado About Sex…….

Its quite interesting, the much interest and passion sex invokes in people and the general reaction to it.

Sex, despite the times we are in now, still seems muted in in this part of our world but atimes veiled in conversation unlike the first world nations where its the norm and without restraint.

Even at that, while our conversations regarding sex may be “veiled” the manner in which its invading our society and sub-concious is highly alarming and the rate at which we get involved in it, either physical in the act itself or something else. We are in a world saturated by sex…images, sound, smell….name all envelopes us all round. like a thick fog.

For long have i sat down to think over all these events and pondered over it..what brought us to this point, what did we get wrong, where lies our faith and belief?

While i do not want to go into the general populace, am more bothered about believers..we seem the worst culprit..better put unwilling victims in this quagmire and when we discover it, we most times are unwilling to let go and bail out…a dull sweet sensation of pleasurable fire turning gradually into an inferno while we seat down and say…it is well.

The percentage of believers, involved in pre-marital sex can be staggering. In an article on CNN, it says 80% of evangelical youths have have pre marital sex (between ages 18-29) slightly less than 88% of non evangelicals..( In our own language, we can interprete it and say (and i maybe wrong) 80% of we that profess to go to church have had sex or gotten involved in sex before marriage slightly less than 88% that do not give a hoot about church. Interesting is it not?

We all wear a face mask of holiness and sanctity but deep inside we are at war with pornography, lust and sex on one hand, and the need to appear “spiritual”, “holy” and “godly” on the other hand. And their is still another hand, GOD. Three mighty foes at war with each other within our own soul….i can see why so many people are burning up pretty bad and can’t hold themselves.

Some believers do live above the fog, mastered the word and gained subjected the body to the dictates of the holy spirit, but at the same time, the scriptures clearly admonish that he that think he stands be careful least he falls, tongue blasting, demon chasing holy ghost filled believers have found themselves no match to this beast called sex when he showed up by their door…why there was a back door opened that allowed entry. And believe me, sex is no respecter of persons.

The truth is, sex is sweet and awesome. If you understand the process of sexual intercourse, as it should be and as it is, its worship. (If you are underage and reading this get out of here!). Look at worship in the old testament, from the outer court into the inner court and into the holy of holies…a process that cannot be missed, from sanctification to purification, and on and on…same way with sex. married couples….you know better;) lolol. And those who have been there and know the process. (Hey don’t go doing it…trying to establish a point here).  Even in the new testament, yes we can access the throne room of grace anytime but its the same process, an understanding that the Father requires worship and praise.

Hey don’t let’s dwell too much there..ain’t no pastor just my candid view of it. But what do we have now, an  abuse of the process all thanks to pornography and the images from Hollywood and et al. Frankly, let;s ask ourselves this question, is a quicky mutually satisfactory or one sided irrespective of who? To me pornography simply diminishes women and makes them mere obstacles of pleasure for men. All thanks to the music videos…..all just booty,boobies and the wines. Lacking content and value in all ramifications.

To me, sex right now, is self-centered. Give me what i want and let’s get moving. They call it friends with benefits…funny… any other name its called? This is no more a result of peer pressure as it was probably 15 years ago, its now societal pressure, the desire not to be left out and to taste it and know how it is actually. What is it about sex even? Our music are so laced with lewd lyrics that they no more make sense in itself. And our movies…..don’t go there….fashion do not mention…

Just thinking of it now, it  seems fashion has played a key role in where we are now. We see people going practically naked in the name of fashion and we see all sorts of images flashed 24/7 before our eyes. As a   man, i see, and i happen to pay quick notice to things. Its known that men are moved by what they see, And for a lady to be called sexy vixen and hot, got to wear a damn micro mini in which she dare bend down..gbese!!!! She seats down…modaran!!!! and you see some busty ladies..God have mercy…..kilode!!!!

Sincerely, we do not help matters at all. Amongst believers, its more scary. Just like i said earlier, the three foes at war within the soul, we put a mask on and act like “its well” but we know it is not.

For instance, some friends of mine have grown so lewd in their conversation albeit they try to cloak it but the pun in it and the message is obvious. The rate at which they throw banters about sex under the cloak of stress ball is alarming!!!! And am thinking, one of these days something’s gonna happen! But i ask myself one question, how many of them (they are professed believers) can stand when confronted by the sly, smooth operator called sex. And this is what gets me irritated, hypocrisy.

Honestly, its good to talk about sex and be grounded in sexual education. Talk about sex in an open and honest manner as adults sharing knowledge and illuminating it with the word of God as believers. The body of Christ today, the church does not help matters. Sex is hardly discussed and it is a taboo, sacred to talk about. Yet the worst atrocities happen in the church and everyone goes on…it’s well. Unbelievers have no issues, they have chosen the path and not the least bothered about it. But we believers,….you come to church to and here come this beautiful “sister” or lady all dressed up with the curves well accentuated in the dress and looking all smoking hot! Boobs, backside well defined…Christ have mercy! it is what i will say…sincerely. And you are seated beside one with the skirt riding up her thighs and she can barely keep it down and the skin….silky smooth……it will take a very conscious effort to listen to the pastor’s message that sunday. And for some, their thrid leg will be raging fire desperate for release and all their thoughts…”ti moo ba gba omo yi muu…kai!!!”

And the men are not left out…but sorry i can’t speak for the other side, but i do know, so men are purely devils in shining white in church on sundays. All they want, a wink, a smile, an offer to help..godly help and they blaze a trail of woes in their wake.

We can talk faith, healing, restoration, redemption, the new birth in church from ow till tomorrow, but as long as we keep that sly guy called sex in the back seat, you are giving him the opportunity to do more harm. And the truth is, we are human to have such feelings! To feel like holding a lady to your bosom and having a man cradle you was a program written by God for you. But the challenge is how we manage and handle it.

Pornography is grossing between $2-$13 billions a year in the United States and $50-$65 billion across the world and its growing. Sex sells…it sells faster than the speed of light.

2001 forbes data has something like this;

Adult Video $500 million to $1.8 billion
Internet $1 billion
Magazines $1 billion
Pay-per-view $128 million
Cellphones $30 million

CBS News investigation in November 2003 claimed that 50% of guests at the HiltonMarriottHyattSheraton, and Holiday Inn hotel chains purchased adult movies, contributing to 70% of in-room profits.

And the truth is, this is just a fraction. Some of these earnings cannot even be estimated. Thank God for blackberry! Or should i say, the scourge of blackberry! Different sex groups exists on blackberry and it is amazing….we carry sex all around, think, meditate, and reek of sex. Child pornography, gay, lesbianism all occupy us in this age and we think and wonder, why there are rumours of war, wars, famine, pestilence, starvation and wickedness all around us. And we want progress in our nation?

The truth be told, as it is grossing in earnings, it leaves in its wake disaster and doom. Both on the individual and family. Its a hard truth…we might not realized it now, but in the nearest future, if not nipped in the bud now….devastating it will be. More reading on it; (

I came across this write up which i find quite interesting on the lies of pornography;

The words of King Lemuel’s mother,”Oh, son of mine, what can you be thinking of! Child whom I bore! The son I dedicated to God! Don’t dissipate your virility on fortune-hunting women, promiscuous women who shipwreck leaders” Prov 31:2-3 MSG. The truth is, it is both sides. There can be no smoke without a fire.

Sex is ravaging us, and leave in his wake; his cohorts…who operate in various forms and dimensions.(

The scripture is quite clear on flee every appearance of evil…but can you flee from sex in this dispensation of ours? I believe we can, scripture reads God has given us everything that pertains to live and godliness in Christ Jesus, and the victory that overcomes the world, which is out faith in Christ Jesus. But it does not end there. Of those three at war in your soul, only one has to win, and that is God. If you give him the chance and the opportunity and you work and walk with him, you will win. Its not a sudden victory….its a process. If you have been having sex, talk to him about it. You will jump into that bed to still have sex…but the defining moment for you is when you realize that, you have someone who can help you stay out of it the next time and tell you, jump into my bed, a bed of grace and mercy. Masturbating, you still will do it, but remember, he is just a call away, a whisper. You fantasize and all your thoughts is sex, you can reprogram and think God, it will still be there but it won’t dominate you cause you have a father you can talk to. In all these things let’s remember, we have an advocate with the father, Jesus who intercedes for us at all times. And remember, the cross gave us a victory that overcomes the world, and he deeply cares about you.

Am not left out of these, i have my challenges, i have my moments, but i choose one path, to run to the throne, to the rock that is higher than me when i am overwhelmed, to seek solace and help.

Folks, the truth is, sex is real, but God is more real when you worship him, by talking with him.

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