The Impartial Judge in Us


Who is an impartial judge? According to “Someone who is impartial is not directly involved in a particular situation and is therefore able to give a fair opinion or decision about it”

In the court of law, this is very crucial to a free and fair hearing, the precursor to the judiciary been the last hope for justice for the downtrodden.

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By Tunde Olayode

Ladies and gentlemen,these perilous days,some highly libidinous shameless lecturers,can’t even wait again,till a girl got admitted to the university proper,before they start their pastime of sexual molestation spree of female-students,a vice that is old,as the higher institute of learning herself!.

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The Days of Innocence and Contentment

Driving down to work this morning, i was listening to front page news on my favorite radio station, Classic FM97.3 and a story was mentioned that got me thinking.

It was a story about a Cleaner who found N12 million ($27,000) in a toilet and handed it over to the security till the owner of the bag came forward to claim it.

And a question rose within me, which interestingly, Jimi Disu, one of the anchors also raised, that people should swear, what they would do if they had found that money. And what struck me in particular was the fact that she earns N7,800 monthly ($37) which is far below the monthly minimum wage approved which is N18,000 ($85). (At the current exchange rate).

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God Give Us Men!!!…..Part 4

Its quite surprising the depth of apathy and insensitivity our society has gone into. Sympathy has gone through the window for us and its been replaced by callous demeanor that betrays the very core of human sensibilities.

Scenes of tragedy, helplessness and hopelessness is regularly glossed over in our society and its now the norm to hear, see and feel it.

It bothers me how things degenerated to this level and wonder what caused the spiral in morals and brotherliness. A brother in help on the expressway in the middle of nowhere is on his own at the mercies of the Gentlemen of the Highway…..

An accident scene turns to a video shooting scene instead of a life saving scene. A bomb blast scene turns into a scene of further nightmare and gore simply because we have failed to understand the concept of Help and Emergency.

We so much take things for granted and abuse a whole lot of process. Everybody wants to have their say and do at the same time without recourse to the other person. Everyone is in a rush to go home, hence taking one way and facing traffic is perfectly acceptable to the detriment and risk of the lives of others.

Its a dog eat dog world where “My personal Agenda” is always on the front burner and not that of others.

God Give Us Men!!!!!!

Travails of a Nation

Its 6:31pm on a wet monday evening. Ideally i should be in class..but don’t have the slightest motivation to attend not with the rain soaked streets of Lagos. but its really the amount of work on my desk that bogged me down.

Even though atimes i wonder, as i am wondering now, why i feel so exhausted after a day’s job of just sitting behind the system..but i guess as i have been told, the white hairs growing on my head at this very young age of mine..speaks volume of what i try to accomplish daily. Interestingly, i have a colleague who gets really worried about it and says several people she knows, who work themselves at their job in terms of mental capacity are growing white hairs….But i ask, why is my boss not growing white hairs…probably because he wears an afro and he maintains it regularly, hence the white hairs remain deep unseen to the public. maybe an expedition will lead us there..lololol

But be it as it may, my heart grieves for an evil that is becoming synonymous with our nation. I wonder, when did we become so inured to the pain of others  and carry on with our lives with no sense of compassion at all.

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Much Ado About Sex…….

Its quite interesting, the much interest and passion sex invokes in people and the general reaction to it.

Sex, despite the times we are in now, still seems muted in in this part of our world but atimes veiled in conversation unlike the first world nations where its the norm and without restraint.

Even at that, while our conversations regarding sex may be “veiled” the manner in which its invading our society and sub-concious is highly alarming and the rate at which we get involved in it, either physical in the act itself or something else. We are in a world saturated by sex…images, sound, smell….name all envelopes us all round. like a thick fog.

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What Moral Authority….

Times I wonder the passion with which we criticize and castigate our leaders for flaws and errors of judgement that they make.

Several time I think to myself, if i am on that seat, to what extent will i go? Will i do worse or do better?

I have had reasons several times in the past to be wary of such and times without number i have been proven right on it.

What moral right do you have to judge someone when you are susceptible to doing the same thing and even worse off?

Scriptures read, remove the log in your eye before attempting to remove the log in another person’s eye. The moral, examine yourself first before you slam your neighbour. The good book also says, the same measure you use to judge others will be used to judge you. My point, i try to put myself in the position of the victim, if am that other end, how possible will i avoid not falling into the same pit?

Contrary to what does who are close to me may think, I perform harsh appraisal and do scenario playing on myself. And each time the way i react to people who do wrong is the way I would react to myself if am the offending party.

That is to say, when i walk into a mall, i will go to the section where i want to buy…there all that appeals to me will be selling to me if you get my point.

I find it objectionable if you condemn public holders for not following due process in their dealings but try to take short cuts, yet you take short cuts for granted.

You mock them for giving a political answer whereas you readily give a political solution to issues.

You criticize for double-speak yet you do a triple speak.

You criticize for swaying with the winning crowd, yet you sway to the side of whatever issue that suits your whims at any point in time.

You castigate men for not standing firm yet when you stand….you tow the same line…

You tell men follow this path but you turn the other way..

You preach peace with one hand holding the Olive leaf the other holding an SMG…

Am i absolving myself here…..nein…far be it because it’s a thin line and I fall overboard a times. But as i said earlier, i judge myself harsh if i do it.

But the question still is;

Where is the moral authority……..



British Hypocrisy


1722485819-thousands-tamil-protesters-gather-outside-houses-parliament-right-london-mondayI have long pondered on the roles that Britons take at times in  the face of certain world crisis. A times i find myself questioning their rationale for taking decisions which i find quite objectionable. Ok, what’s the matter? The rationale behind their protest or support for events happening around the world often leaves a bad taste in the mouth. Some days ago, i read of a certain man carrying out a hunger strike in order to force the British government to intervene in the Sri Lanka Crisis by forcing the government to stop its assault on the  Tamil tigers who are been holed up in a little corner after about 20 years of bloody civil war. Now, some Britons are joining this man as well to declare that the Tamil Tigers want freedom.  But let us stop and ponder, this Tamil Tiger Rebels have held the nation of Sri Lanka to ransom for about 20 years in its so called quest for freedom of what? Lives have been lost, homes destroyed and the nation nearly brought to a ruin because of rogue group!  

Now, the Sri Lanka government has finally gotten the nerve to cower them into a corner and demanding their surrender which they are not willing to do and using humans in the little territory they have been driven to as shield against government forces. (The news today is that government forces have finally succeeded in breaking a barrier leading to the rescuing of about 5000 civilians who were trapped in the conflict). While that is not my main discourse this morning, its the moral justification of the Britons protesting. Are we saying, we should free terrorists? Enemies of a free world? Desperate men in search of power?

What sort of freedom does people who turn the gun on their brothers in the fight for a false freedom. What these people are doing is what dissident Irish Republican Army IRA is doing; they attack British troops and target assets belonging to the British. They have carried out the deadliest single bombing of Northern Ireland’s “Troubles” in the market town of Omagh in August 1998 in which Twenty-nine people were killed. The most recent was the killing of two young British soldiers in North Ireland. I wonder why the British sympatists did not take up placards justifying the action taken against their own kin.

Another classic example of British hypocrisy is the recent conference on racism been organized the United Nations which is been boycotted by key sincere nations of the world (America and its major allies) save for countries with sinister motives like Iran and France and of course spineless British Government who cannot call a spade a spade.

For how long will she continue to be a boot-licker?