God Give Us Men!!!…..Part 4

Its quite surprising the depth of apathy and insensitivity our society has gone into. Sympathy has gone through the window for us and its been replaced by callous demeanor that betrays the very core of human sensibilities.

Scenes of tragedy, helplessness and hopelessness is regularly glossed over in our society and its now the norm to hear, see and feel it.

It bothers me how things degenerated to this level and wonder what caused the spiral in morals and brotherliness. A brother in help on the expressway in the middle of nowhere is on his own at the mercies of the Gentlemen of the Highway…..

An accident scene turns to a video shooting scene instead of a life saving scene. A bomb blast scene turns into a scene of further nightmare and gore simply because we have failed to understand the concept of Help and Emergency.

We so much take things for granted and abuse a whole lot of process. Everybody wants to have their say and do at the same time without recourse to the other person. Everyone is in a rush to go home, hence taking one way and facing traffic is perfectly acceptable to the detriment and risk of the lives of others.

Its a dog eat dog world where “My personal Agenda” is always on the front burner and not that of others.

God Give Us Men!!!!!!

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