By Tunde Olayode

Ladies and gentlemen,these perilous days,some highly libidinous shameless lecturers,can’t even wait again,till a girl got admitted to the university proper,before they start their pastime of sexual molestation spree of female-students,a vice that is old,as the higher institute of learning herself!.

When I was in the university(Please don’t ask me the name of the university,i attended)the case of lecturer harassing female students for sex,got so scandalously preponderance,to an alarming hilt at a point,that lecturers began to boast about their female predatory conquest,in the open glare of the university community,without any modicum of decorum again.Evidently,i heard these lewd and shameless boast,to my utter dismay,from more than three lecturers,that I can still recall vividly, one of them was old enough to be my father.

There was even this case of a young brilliant lecturer whom I knew pretty well,because we were quite close then,though he was a few years older than I was, in his own case,the boyfriend of the lady he was unrelentingly pestering for sex in exchange for a pass-mark in a major course,hand-in-glove with the lady,had him set up,and he was beaten blue-black right in their agreed nest,when the lady visited,in pretense of coming to acquiesced to his almost becoming obsessive sexual innuendos and passes.Interestingly,I heard the story been hawked around the university campus,from students who never knew,i was close to the lecherous lecturer.There were legion of such sexual-harassment cases,certainly not in the university I attended alone,in almost all the ivory towers in Nigeria,even in the private ones,there are clandestine sexual harassment cases,flying around like kite.

When the news of the sexual mis-adventure of pseudo-University of Lagos lecturer broke out last week,one forty-two years old,Dr Akinfolarin Baruwa with an 18-year-old admission seeker,i was left with no other thing to say,than to soliloquy and lament that “Lecturers and sexual harassment,can they ever depart?”

I hope the full weight of the law, will be brought heavily down on this prurient Baruwa guy(the guy is not worth been address as an academic Dr),if he is found guilty,as the jury is still out on him,nonetheless that,a prima-facie case,had been established against him,that he actually like a dog,had sex with the poor girl in his office,that he keeps condom in his office,gave him away as a serial-sexual deviant or a paraphilia.But whether it was a rape or consensual act, it is his last ignoble sexual outing,that went awry,that is in the court of law now.

TUNDE OLAYODE, is a public affairs analyst cum freelance writer. His writing spans over five years and covers, leadership,social political happening and economy.

The views expressed here are solely that of the writer and in no way expresses the views of the blog owner

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