Celebrate a New Year With Me!!!!

On Friday, August 7, 2015 I will be a year older! God has been good to me! He’s given me life, my joy is full and I’m excited to be in His service.

I have decided to celebrate my day in a unique way this year. I’m celebrating my birthday on Saturday, August 8 between 5 and 7pm. I’ll be co-hosting a live drama night with cake, popcorn and drinks with a few people

celebrating this August as well. We’ll cut a cake together, and have an exciting time watching a drama performance. It’s been a while I watched a live performance, join me this time.

If you are my friend, kindly celebrate with me. If you are my fan, you are cordially welcome. You have a special opportunity to come with friends as well. If your birthday is August, kindly let know me ahead, and let’s see if you can come with your own guests as well.

The venue can only seat 400 people, so it’s strictly by booking and confirmation. Here is the link to use http://www.goo.gl/MUP8aW You can safely put there that you were invited by me. You will receive an SMS confirming your attendance. Please book on time so you can get a seat. If you are coming with your family, kindly book for every member. We will also try to stream the drama audio live via this link: http://www.hccc.tv/live-stream

Don’t worry about giving me any gift, your presence is worth to me more than any present.

As you celebrate with those who celebrate, may joy never cease from your home.

You are much celebrated and appreciated!


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