By Tunde Olayode

The core essence of leadership,is making a decision.So essentially in his job description,upon been hired,the apogee of his function that encapsulate all other thing,is making decision for the common good of all and the consequence of which,he face the music alone,as result of his decision.

Leadership of course is very dynamic, which explains why,it’s not every time,a leader make a decision,with a collegian inclination,based on mixed-grilled of reservoir of opinion,he gleaned from consulting people and calling for advise from his coteries of aides or cavaliers of courtiers (no pun intended). Conversely,there are critical moments,”a solitary moment”in the life of his leadership,which a leader does not need to consult any Joe or Jack,neither can he wait,to see the clarity of the horizon.

At foggy best of the horizon,without anybody’s comments, save his leadership gut-instinct,a load of it,which he must have. He goes ahead,to make a decision and damn the consequence,and get ready to dance to the music of it,no matter how it sounds,because of the “urgency of the moment”. Ladies and gentlemen,that is leadership! and that moment for President Buhari,is now or never.

There have been lots of hullabaloo and cacophony of opinion,waffling around,urging President Mohammed Buhari to face the business”music” of governing and stop the furry of the”sound” of probe threat,of Jonathan years,which to them,is nothing but an unnecessary distraction. Surprisingly,we see some highly revered “Peace advocate”selling this dummy to the President,a dummy closer to a blackmail,than to peace itself.If there is anywhere,a Nigerian president,must be in “solitary”in making a decision, it’s in fighting corruption and making a public official,without any apology,to give an account of their stewardship in public office, If their misdemeanor in office is stumbled on,albeit through the instrumentalities of the law.

Corruption has become,such an embarrassing Frankenstein monster,that has arrested our development and left us moving in a shameful circus. And if indeed,we mean business to move Nigeria truly forward, let’s ostracize Nigeria from the shackles of corruption she is bound with this time around or never! Corruption must be slain!

Corruption has so festered here,almost become a norm,because there are no consequence. People do it and get away with their shoulder-high,or at best,get a slap on the wrist,because they have a lot of our stolen money kept and they hire some crazy forensic advocate,that will use loopholes in our rusted criminal law,against the state. And lot of histrionics are also been used to buck or cow any leader that want to fight it into status-quo ante.

But this time around! this moment!or never!because of her alarming urgency,President Buhari must go ahead,against the grain, damn the consequence,”eat that frog” and wait for the heaven to fall.

TUNDE OLAYODE, is a public affairs analyst cum freelance writer. His writing spans over five years and covers, leadership,social political happening and economy.

The views expressed here are solely that of the writer and in no way expresses the views of the blog owner

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