The World is An Island

The traffic this morning was hectic and sort of absurd. As i got to my office and parked, i saw a Gentleman i often see around in my office complex walking past. We exchanged pleasantries and as i turned to walk off, he turned round and said, “I had wanted to ask you, i know your face somewhere, your face looks so familiar but i can’t place it anywhere…”

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By Tunde Olayode

Ladies and gentlemen,these perilous days,some highly libidinous shameless lecturers,can’t even wait again,till a girl got admitted to the university proper,before they start their pastime of sexual molestation spree of female-students,a vice that is old,as the higher institute of learning herself!.

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Conversation With My Father…

It’s just a few minutes past 12 midnight, 30th of May. Thoughts run random in my head and as much as I try to put a cohesion to it, I get increasingly angry about what am missing that I can’t lay a finger on.

Its 5 months into 2012 and I look at the journey so far and am grateful to God even though am not there yet…but I still have cause to be grateful. Should I start to list it one after the other, starting my Masters program despite the odds, the job in spite of the challenges and frustration most times, my family, through it all God still proves himself, the very few friends I have.. Life, the pure bliss of Continue reading

What are we Learning??

Today marks the first time I will be attending lectures as a Part time Masters Student of University of Lagos.

All these while I have not attended class nor have a clue as to what is going on.

Interestingly, my friends have been wondering what the heck was wrong with me that I have not been coming.:) and today that I attended…made some interesting observations.

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A Conversation with my Boss…

Am in a bus on my way to a supposed lecture that was scheduled to hold today. Saying supposed because i learnt ASUU is on strike but seems some few lecturers still deliver lectures.

While that is still uncertain, am stuck in a traffic snare and right now contemplating dropping from the bus and taking the next bike home…Why, not only because of the traffic but i have been exceptionally tired today. Slept twice today in the office..i mean sleep deep because i was tired and worn out.

Right now, i am feeling so sleepy as if i took sleeping tablets… But you know, its all madness…craziness.

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