The World is An Island

The traffic this morning was hectic and sort of absurd. As i got to my office and parked, i saw a Gentleman i often see around in my office complex walking past. We exchanged pleasantries and as i turned to walk off, he turned round and said, “I had wanted to ask you, i know your face somewhere, your face looks so familiar but i can’t place it anywhere…”

Most often the person you meet on the road, on the walkway, is connected to someone somewhere,some place that you know. How often do we let go such opportunities when we fail to take cognizance of people not create a friendly ambiance.

And i think beyond that, our foundation and background more often defines our social circles and our interactions. Lasting relationships have been built from alma matar for over 20 years and such relationships create a bond, so strong and a sense of belonging so powerful that cannot be rivaled by any new relationship whatsoever. And why is this, you have a history of formation together, of childhood memories, of ups and downs that creates an identity for you.

It reminds me of a song we sing, a nostalgic song now to most of us in that school, an Irish folklore song also known as Londonderry Air in our “hymnal – Merry Mayflower”

From far away I hear sweet voices calling me,
and in my thoughts come mem’ries flooding fast,
a childhood song, in all its dear simplicity
brings happy tears to one whose childhood days are past.
Sing on my heart, for days that will not come again,
oh sing those songs of life that was so fair,
while from afar, come voices easing all my pain
and sorrow dies and mem’ry drives away all care!

We all have a melting pot that drives and fuels our ambitions and aspirations. That challenges us to aspire for greater heights and be the best that we can be in life and to our community. We need to be able to leverage on such networks, not for selfish reasons, but for he greater good of man and the society and above all to honor God.

Mayflower provided me a platform to meet great people with great minds. They are now fantastic fathers and mothers with a desire to instill in their Children, values they had learned first from their parents and secondly from the men and women who took interest in them while in primary and secondary school to make sure they turn out to be the best. The likes of Gbenga Wahab, Barr Damola Lapite, Muri Balogun, Femi Ogun (Kososhi), Lola Adesina, Gbolade Otuyemi, Barr Oluwaseni Otunuga Ogunjimi, The Olawales, Jidenwo Chude and so much more that the great sage, late Dr. Tai Solarin nutured.

In Olabisi Onabanjo University as well, met great people like Kenny Degun, Tayo Ola (Ola-Bus), Femi Olaitan, Deolu and Yemisi Keshinro, Busola Aladenusi nee Oshinubi, Biola Akinyemi, Gbolade Otuyemi and so many more

The University, Polytechnic and what have you, have been nesting ground for the best minds and brooding ground for great business ideas and conglomerates breeding up in our country today. Is it OOU, OAU, UI, Unilag, Ibadan Poly, LASU, ABU and so much more.

We are all intertwined and connected one way or the other and we never know when we will call on those resources for use or even to engage someone in a friendly banter. Am more likely to listen first to an Ex-May in need of something or engage with him or her than any other person. And the same goes for any Ex-OOU as well.

Relationships are key and vital. It opens doors we know not and brings succor when needed. My friend Sope Alabede can testify to this, the 1998 set of Mayflower School rallied round him as well as other sets as well in his hour of dire need when he needed to do a surgery after an accident that left him confined to a wheel chair for life.

Beyond the social clubs and what have you, the feeling of having people who can watch your back always cannot be traded for the best security in the world. From the ordinary cleaner to the President, they all thrive on healthy relationships, a feeling of togetherness, camaraderie that fosters support, love, strength and brotherliness.

It was a pleasure meeting you Sola Kushimo this morning, and we have two things in common, first went to the same OOU and he was an Exmay as well even though “premature” :).

Would like to do a shout out to the “Prof” Gbenga Wahab and the 1998 Excos who have gone to great lengths to bring everyone together and encourage bonding among people who last saw over 15 years ago and they chat like they see each other everyday.  Kudos as well to the different alumnus striving to bring people together as well.

The truth is, “tribe and tongue may differ, but in brotherhood we stand”

To be Continued.



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