The World is An Island

The traffic this morning was hectic and sort of absurd. As i got to my office and parked, i saw a Gentleman i often see around in my office complex walking past. We exchanged pleasantries and as i turned to walk off, he turned round and said, “I had wanted to ask you, i know your face somewhere, your face looks so familiar but i can’t place it anywhere…”

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A Conversation with my Boss…

Am in a bus on my way to a supposed lecture that was scheduled to hold today. Saying supposed because i learnt ASUU is on strike but seems some few lecturers still deliver lectures.

While that is still uncertain, am stuck in a traffic snare and right now contemplating dropping from the bus and taking the next bike home…Why, not only because of the traffic but i have been exceptionally tired today. Slept twice today in the office..i mean sleep deep because i was tired and worn out.

Right now, i am feeling so sleepy as if i took sleeping tablets… But you know, its all madness…craziness.

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