A Conversation with my Boss…

Am in a bus on my way to a supposed lecture that was scheduled to hold today. Saying supposed because i learnt ASUU is on strike but seems some few lecturers still deliver lectures.

While that is still uncertain, am stuck in a traffic snare and right now contemplating dropping from the bus and taking the next bike home…Why, not only because of the traffic but i have been exceptionally tired today. Slept twice today in the office..i mean sleep deep because i was tired and worn out.

Right now, i am feeling so sleepy as if i took sleeping tablets… But you know, its all madness…craziness.

Had an interesting conversation with my Boss last night. He asked me a question, “what are you looking for doing Masters?” And i replied him, “because i want to learn”. And he began to share some insights with me basically trying to challenge and disprove my doing MSC. He said, the reason people do Masters is for the certificate…the ego. But i told him i want to learn and apply the principles..which he was quick to respond its based on falsehood…”scarcity” (am doing an MSC in Economics at UNILAG), but the reality is there is abundant resources untapped!

While i agree with him, the bottom line still, is that these are principles that determine the economy of nations take it or leave it. Resources and materials like The Secret, Think and Grow Rich all go contrary to fundamental economic principles and people prosper with them! What an irony. While that is not my interest this evening, its what my Boss said afterwards.

He said you only need the certificate for your first job, afterwards its your skills that gets you the next job. He said i should go learn financial modelling and excel (use excel mostly for my job) and i will be a hotcake.

He said when he got his first job, he was asked what his plan was. He responded by saying, “i will go to the US for my Masters after working for a few years”. His interviewer looked at him and responded, “the most joyous moment of your life after your Masters is when i employ you in my organisation. If i employ you now, of what use is the Masters?”

He got the job, and as never done his Masters but has achieved far more than those who did thier Masters. (By the way, he studied Electronics Engineering but never used it for a day..he delved into HR and People Development)

In other words, he is not in full support of Masters unless its application is practical and yields results which sadly our educational system does not teach us. Just load em’ and dump em’!

The irony for me was, his counsel was coming quite late…because all through when i got the form and was applying he was in the know…why after paying that he is just counselling..Men that ain’t cool CM!!!

Well, my decision is to go ahead with the two years and bundle the requisite skill along with it. No knowledge is lost. Am doing Masters because this time i want to study and not forced to study like i did in OOU. I want to learn and apply my heart to it and apply it to my work.

So all i ask for now is Grace…

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