Why this Madness!

Atimes i wonder the what is the core essence of life.

You wake up, go out to work, make money, fall in love, out of love, get back home, sleep, and the circle goes on.

Several motivational speakers or put in another way, several folks have talked about getting the vision for your life and setting goals and all the sorts.

Atimes seems like much talk to me and no action. Yeah it does work…tried it several times but i think the core of it for me is..i get fed up with the system. its all a cycle, repetitive and predictable.

I hunger for something else, interesting, exciting and adventurous away from the regular norm of work and hassles of live.

We preach financial freedom  and time freedom and all the sorts and state examples of people who are living the dream…but in honesty it looks to me a tall order..that was not achieved at a snap of a finger.

Sounding pessimistic or defeatist…well not exactly but just pouring our my heart. I try to analyse events around me and make sense out of them…i try to see the big picture and the minute picture but it seems my sense of reasoning and cohesion is getting dull with the daily chore and blunt of work..the viccitudes of live. I get buffeted on all sides by various things demanding my attention, i set goals and fail to achieve them cos midway i got bored with it. But does that mean i don’t have dreams and aspirations i want to achieve? I do, in all honesty i do.

I just don’t like to follow the flow, moving with the tide. Why not move against the tide, ships move against the tide cos they are powered by powerful engines which gives them the capability to achieve incredible things.

People say all sorts, expect all sorts and set a precedent of all sorts..and i wonder, why all these madness!

One that is most crucial and which am finding boring is quest to get me married. My bad got no girlfriend not to talk of fiance or whatever…. Seen interesting girls, met them and seeing my buddies getting married one after the other.. and they ask me…Sam how far? Its  a depressing question atimes and could be quite irritating as well. And i wonder what’s this madness!

Want to do my MSC in Economics, going to Unilag for about three days in a row finally finished it today..but at a point i asked myself..what’s this madness!

At work, i get pressures all round with threats both subtle and direct…..with cynics saying or claiming am the core of A2W…(shizzle) don’t believe them for one sec…there is no indispensable man. So they can go to hell! Am due for leave but……Why this madness!

I ask myself..do you have friends? Why this madness!

Chatting with a friend now who is trying to foster his friend on me as a girlfriend and am laughing…what’s this madness!

You know…life never ceases to amaze me….i want to be free, free like a bird, soar to the mountain top, snowcapped with freshness of heaven all around and a peace that passes all understanding overwhelming.

God is real, i know, but i want to experience him in a way that is unconventional, different from what is expected and known. Scripture reads, that we will know God by ourselves and need no one telling us how. Why must i be a worker, a cell leader or whatever before i know God? I want to know him the way he wants me to know him and to relate with him in the same manner

Just to be close to you…is my desire, just as the dear pants after the water so my soul hungers for you Lord….in a dry and thirsty land.

Let your kingdom come and your will be done o Lord!!!

I expect to pass through this world but once. Any good, therefore, that I can do or any kindness I can show to any fellow creature, let me do it now. Let me not defer or neglect it for I shall not pass this way again.—–Stephen Grellet

2 thoughts on “Why this Madness!

  1. Sam, you have said it all and there is nothing to say. this exact feeling is how we all feel. I really appreciate you writing this piece simply because it is liberating, very liberating…. great piece


  2. Guy, I feel you, so much madness all around, sometimes you wonder how complex people make life seem for themselves and worst of all others.
    I have decided to live my life one day at a time, enjoying every moment and making the best of my time, chances and resources. This way I don’t join the madness around.


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