Are You Qualified for 2012?!

God doesn’t call people who are qualified. He calls people who are willing, and then He qualifies them. Richard Parker

I believe strongly in my heart that 2012 will be a remarkable year for me. There are things in my mind that am seeing for 2012 that looks quite impossible. But you know what, I have decide to take a step of faith and do the necessary works to back up my faith to achieve the desired result in 2012.

Missed the Daystar Carol this year, first time in 5yrs since I started attending. And why, because I had to attend a meeting that borders on me taking control of my destiny…my finances, to be start the journey to be financially free come 2012. And it tells me, 2012 will be a year of decision, delicate, precise decisions on what should and should not.

I have made up my mind that come 2012, it’s as I lay my bed I lie on it. No more someone laying it for me…I want to be in charge. No more writing goals and desires on paper every 31st of December without a thought out plan in detail of how to do it.

2012, I am either in alignment or not. But I have chosen to be in alignment and anything that refuses to align has to make room.

So, you are either my friend or you are not. I will shock my pals in 2012 with the direction I’ll go. And this is not making mouth or been careless, it’s a paradigm changing period for me and am fed up with the status quo. You can love it but am looking for opportunities and vehicles that will convey me to my destination, desired destination of wealth.

Avenues to Wealth for now is giving me the vehicle to use, and I don’t care what anybody thinks, you are either giving me a better vehicle or joining my vehicle or better still…get out of my way.

Now the reality is this, am not looking for active income which is what most guys do. Am looking for passive income, in a better language, creating multiple streams of income for myself and building a legacy for my family.

When the scriptures read that a wise father leaves an inheritance for his children’s children it wasn’t talking about just bequeathing your will of a house sharing and money sharing. Its simply talking about teaching them how to fish with the right resources and at the right place and time.

There is a difference in my father is a fisherman and he gave me his boat to fish. His territory can’t go beyond the local river in his town. And my father is a fisherman and he gave me a trawler to fish. A trawler is for use in the oceans, its playing in the big boys league. A boat only feeds a fraction of a market at its best, a trawler feeds markets!

Look, I don’t care what you are thinking, in the words of a colleague, you are doing paralysis analysis. If you don’t wake up now to smell the coffee when its fresh, you will wake up to smell the stale one and I guarantee you, you will have yourself to blame. A little more sleep……

Guys, I have found a way and its the way of Avenues to Wealth. And yes its a network marketing company. But think for a moment, have you ever thought of it, that Donald Trump has got a network marketing company. Or Warren Buffet buying up network marketing companies, Richard Branson owning several as well…ok do a research, the top monthly income earners in the world, where do they earn it from? Salary? Ijeoma Chukwu, the first platinum in A2W use to say something, “no Bank MD in Nigeria earns what I earn in a week” I believe her not because she told me, but I see it daily. Simeon Okoro in Jos, a language student, has a mansion in Jos, yes the same Jos we hear of in the news and also a house in his village in the east. He just returned from a vacation trip to the US and he shared his story when he went to the embassy for his visa interview. He was asked to present his monthly income statement from this company and he told his interviewer, “one month? You want to kill yourself, let me show you for a week (A2W pays every monday he went on a Tuesday) and the man screamed! Instantly he gave him 2 years multiple entry visa to the US and for his wife as well who wasn’t even there!

Look, Is it Nnanna Adim, Ola Daramola, Chika Ukpaka, Praise Fowowe, Tope Akinyemi, Busayo Akanro, Solomon James or the OAU Chaps, I can keep mentioning names but hey…you don’t need it now. Search up these names, do research on them if you like…but don’t stay too long around the mountain least you be like the Israelites that wasted forty years doing paralysis analysis.

I just require four people yes four people only that are ready to make a change in their world and affect other people as well. Torch holders I call them who will join me in 2012 and be committed to be financially free. It’s not a smooth ride so don’t be too eager, it’s going to be rough at the onset, you will be tested, and your people skills will have to come to play. No spoon-feeding, but self motivation to succeed.  And I guarantee you, if we stick together and apply what we are learning together, it’s not the beginning that counts but the end. It will be rosy in the end that you will look back and be glad for the sacrifice you made at the onset.

If you are qualified to be with me, visit this link, and let’s run the race together for a glorious 2012!

Do me a mail, call me, seek me out if you are qualified. And the sky will be our limit.

To your success!!!

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