Jesus is weak….

Many of you will wonder why this absurd title…but its the current reality of our faith, what I have come to notice and observe over a while now.

Jesus is weak when we no more believe that the mere mention of his name brings the whole universe to its knees in worship but we add prefixes to make it sound more powerful ie, in the mighty name of….

Jesus is weak when we believe praying in the name of the Holy Spirit and Jesus gives us sure-fire that our prayers will be heard. Not only that, give roles and acts to the Holy Spirit and adjectives that was never mentioned in the scriptures nor used. ie, In the Mighty name of Jesus! Holy Ghost fire! Power of the Holy Ghost! Holy Spirit Fire! Thunder of the Holy Spirit!

Jesus is weak when we believe we have to wake up God very early in the morning with a loud megaphone and speakers and beg him to favor us today and waking up the whole neighbourhood in the process. Wonder why Jesus himself had to go quietly to a place and commune with his Father early in the morning.

Jesus is weak when we believe, we must shout on top of our voice begging, blackmailing and muscling him to provide us our daily bread, give us visa to the US, drop millions in our account and for him to squash and consume our enemies at the same time. Wonder why he ever told us to love those who persecute us and curse not…and also not to worry about what we will eat and drink as is the manner of the gentiles…

Jesus is weak when we make it a point of duty to hasten the works of his hands and his plans for us through undue means and helping him to think or solve problems that are non-existent in his scheme. Wonder what David and Uzzah will be thinking where they are…

Jesus is weak when we believe we must be sold out to the church and be committed and so devoted to church as a sign we love him. But if that same amount of energy had been committed to knowing him personally as the scriptures points out,”..from the least to the greatest shall know me and need no one to tell them..” It will bring about a major shift and change in our lives. Wonder what Moses, Abraham, Enoch, Paul, John and the Apostles will be thinking…

Jesus is weak when we believe the completed work on the cross is not sufficient enough for our redemption and to grant us unrestricted access to God but we must do a lot of lobbying and extra work of self-crucifixion to access God.

Jesus is weak if we hearken more to the voice of the Pastor than to the voice of God. Well, how would we, when we never even knew him…

Jesus is weak when we believe it’s a Man’s ministry that needs be supported and not God adding to his Church daily and the gates of hell cannot prevail against it.

Jesus is weak when we turn him into a miracle worker that we demand from every time and take away from him without us bothering to ask, “what will you have me give you”… and just come to worship without asking for anything.

Jesus is weak when his body, the church see evil in the land and refuse to decry it and speak against it.

Jesus is weak, when his supposed shepherds lord it over their flocks, their selfish desires and refuse to come to their aid when in need and say “peace be unto you…it shall be well with you” and the sheep go home hungry, disillusioned and wondering “when will we be delivered?”

Jesus is weak, when we use his name to defraud, coerce and deceive people to do our bidding without ever thinking, what did Jesus do with the awesome powers at his disposal. The scenario when he was arrested…wondering why he didn’t just do it.

Jesus is weak when the political systems dictate the pace the church must move and what must be said and done.

Jesus is weak when Pastors give tacit approval to wickedness, impunity, corruption, desolation and inhumane actions with their silence but do a lot of loud showmanship, philosophical eloquence and Pharisee and Sadducee talks.

Jesus is weak when his people perish due to ignorance yet the word is right at their doorsteps, the word of salvation.

Jesus is weak, when we put on an air of godliness but deny the power of the cross. Acknowledging him as Lord yet denying him the right to exercise his power as Lord.

I am afraid for the day this song by Evang Niyi Adedokun will be a reality, “God has offended me and I want to exact revenge” (Oluwa se mi o moo si fe gba esan) Who will wait? Cos’ its that day that judgement indeed will begin in the house of God!


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