Sunday 8th August, 9:30am.

Where should I start my appreciation? Really I don’t know where. But what I know is, I have been overwhelmed with love and warmth since Saturday as I marked my 40th. Family, friends, colleagues, well-wishers… you are all simply amazing.

Even though I would have loved to have a get together with friends … I must not fail to commend, celebrate and appreciate my wife for the beautiful cake and the party mood she put the whole house too. I celebrate you, love you and treasure you greatly. This journey won’t have been possible without you. And to Adeoluwa and Oluwatamilore… you made the day bam in your own unique children ways. Continue reading

The Sinners of Mount Sinai

Came across this interesting article online and i find it very instructive and enlightening.

Happy Reading!

I was on AWOL (Away Without Official Leave) on this page in the last two weeks. My apologies. What caper was I up to? I had quietly slipped out of the country on a 12-day pilgrimage to holy sites in Israel. The trip took me to Jerusalem, Jericho, Galilee, Bethlehem, and then Egypt. Yes, the same Egypt, for that is home to Mount Sinai, the place where God handed out the Ten Commandments to Moses. Every Christian knows (or rather, should know) something about those ten laws, as they are quite fundamental to the faith.

A full account of the spiritual odyssey will come, but let me isolate what happened on the sixth day, as topic for discussion today.
On Tuesday last week, we had crossed the Taba land border from Israel to Egypt, after a rigorous and scrupulous security check. One knew the no love lost relationship between the two countries, and so it was not quite surprising. In Bible times, Egypt had held Israel in bondage for over 400 years, and in modern times, they’ve fought at least three bitter wars. So, naturally, there should be high level of distrust and suspicion between the two countries. Continue reading

Jesus is weak….

Many of you will wonder why this absurd title…but its the current reality of our faith, what I have come to notice and observe over a while now.

Jesus is weak when we no more believe that the mere mention of his name brings the whole universe to its knees in worship but we add prefixes to make it sound more powerful ie, in the mighty name of….

Jesus is weak when we believe praying in the name of the Holy Spirit and Jesus gives us sure-fire that our prayers will be heard. Not only that, give roles and acts to the Holy Spirit and adjectives that was never mentioned in the scriptures nor used. ie, In the Mighty name of Jesus! Holy Ghost fire! Power of the Holy Ghost! Holy Spirit Fire! Thunder of the Holy Spirit!

Jesus is weak when we believe we have to wake up God very early in the morning with a loud megaphone and speakers and beg him to favor us today and waking up the whole neighbourhood in the process. Wonder why Jesus himself had to go quietly to a place and commune with his Father early in the morning.

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