Questions on my Mind.


Hi Guys, quite a while I had something up.

While meditating this morning, got a message from a gentleman I quite respect a lot, Praise Fowowe, foremost sexpert and family life consultant.

And what he had to share, I agree wholeheartedly. Here his what he said:

Questions on my Mind
I am sorry not to send my Devotional today. I am somewhere where Internet isn’t good so won’t be able to write till Thursday but I woke up with a few questions in the light of videos of messed up kids going viral and I have a few questions for the body of Christ of which I am a part of:
– Why do we complain about DSTV when d same equipment they use is what we lock up after every service?
– Why do we pray against musicians for polluting the minds of our kids when the we fail to sponsor the ones with good songs amidst us?
– Why do we all want to build auditoriums on same street when we can all buy one and stagger our services such that Cele can use the building at 7am while Anglican take over at 10am and another at 2pm at least that saves us cost on equipment cos it’s shared cost?
– What exactly is the cost of all our expensive equipment that never shoots skits and movies that can transform lives?
– If we put together the joint cost of all our building projects in a year won’t we have built a bigger DSTV?
– Are we actually the body of Christ or everyman is creating his version of Christ managed by him alone?
– Is God more interested in our You can make it prophesy as against locating the exact spot Chibok girls are?

I think we have gotten to that bend where we need to be sure we are still on God’s radar or we are just doing our thing?

The simple reason for darkness is light that has refused to shine. If all we do everyday is to be responding to darkness and keep signing petitions then how are we the light of the world?
Today is a day for us to reflect and ask if we haven’t been prodigal with God’s resources.

Can we open the auditoriums for our teenagers to interact with our equipments and watch what they can produce in speaking with the enemies at the gate while we fund them with our commonwealth?

One thing is so clear in my mind. God can’t be bothered about a new building project while the minds of his kids are being messed up daily.

I honour you.

God’s agenda on earth has always been, to make disciple of men and bring all nations to him. We can’t keep twist what God wants for us as something that as to be personally for us. It has to be about him first, and us as 2nd runner up after the 1st runner up been God again.

The truth is, when he is first, every other thing aligns with him. We can’t jeopardise the lives of our children by failing to concentrate on the roots and focusing on the leaves.

We are God’s heartbeat, but is he our heartbeat? The whole essence of redemption is us, us and us. But we have turned it to wanting, wanting and wanting from God. Failing to take note that, the man who died for us, it’s our moral obligation to carry on his wishes and desires. (that’s breaking it down).

So in conclusion, let’s reflect on this question, “what is actually on God’s mind in the midst of all these events going on in the world?”


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