Invasion of a Kingdom….Pt1

For when a strong man like Satan is fully armed and guards his palace, his possessions are safe—22: until someone even stronger attacks and overpowers him, strips him of his weapons, and carries off his belongings.  Luke 11:21-22

Luke 11:21-22 has never been more real to me until I watched a documentary on NATGEOWILD when it hit like the force of a hurricane what the scriptures mean by this seemingly meaningful and profound statement.

The story goes that there were two brother Alpha lions who ruled their territory for more than 5 years. Their kingdom was quite large has they control a whole wildlife park of thousands of hectares. They were renowned for defending their turf and beating up badly, any challenger or attempted attempt to incur into their territory. The two made a formidable team, Mr T and Kinky tail where their names.

One fateful day, 5 brother alpha lions decided to visit the brother’s turf and see what they could do if indeed the brothers lived up to their reputation. They sent one of their brothers to go spy the land and see what the best strategy for them to use is. Off went the brother into the park to spy on the two brothers so as to learn their weakness. He spent the whole morning tracking the brothers to know more about them until…

Kinky Tail and Mr. T just finished patrolling the western hemisphere of their kingdom when word reached them there was a spy lion in their territory. Swiftly they set off to deal with the situation and eliminate the potential threat as it is their custom. They didn’t journey too far when they spotted the spy lion in the brush where he was hiding. “There he is!” Growled Kinky tail, and instantly they bounded after him as he also took off in a flash in order to escape into his own territory.

Unfortunately, it was not his territory, and the lords of the territory were quick to show him that by cutting him off his planned escape route.

“My God! They have spotted me! Need to get away as fast as possible”. Those were the words of the spy lion has he made a bolt to freedom. Running with every speed and strength he could muster, he sought to put a great distance between himself and the brothers. But has he bounded faster, it seems the brothers were leaping literally in the air after him. After a while, he saw only one of the brothers hot on his trail. He thought, “maybe he’s tired and falling back to rest….this other will tire soon as well” he chuckled to himself. Just has he rounded the bend, he came to a devastating, shocking halt In his tracks. Before him was Kinky tail, whom he thought had fallen back due to fatigue.

“I will teach him a severe lesson today” growled Kinky Tail to his brother Mr. T. “He will know never in this world, should he come within a mile of our domain”. “I will take the south and cut him off, I know where he’ll likely be heading for his exit.” Kinky tail told his brother and off he went. Within minutes, he was there already and he lied in wait for the spy.

Just as the spy bounded up the hill, Kinky Tail stood up suddenly from his hiding place and halted the Spy Lion in his tracks.

Kinky Tail and Mr. T both descended on the hapless lion and thoroughly bite and beat him u. Mr. T broke his spine with a single bite and they both proceeded to cripple him and tear him up from his hunches. He was mauled to death and left dying by the road side.

To be Continued.


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