Invasion of a Kingdom…Pt 2

For when a strong man like Satan is fully armed and guards his palace, his possessions are safe—22: until someone even stronger attacks and overpowers him, strips him of his weapons, and carries off his belongings. Luke 11: 21-22


“Where is Kurt?” Asked Scarface the eldest of the 5 brother Alpha lions. “Is he not back from the mission? He is taking too long..” They paced their enclave together fearing the worst for their brother. Wondering if he had gone on the hunt as was his custom when on such errands or he had been caught by the brothers and they had lived up to their reputation.

Suddenly in flew a Crow, with dread written all over his face. The brothers, braced themselves for the news. Kurt had been killed by the two brothers, he had been badly mauled by them. Grief consumed them, anguish overwhelmed them, and then rage engulfed them in totality. They roared out in fury, bloodthirsty, longing for revenge.

They set out at a brisk trot that evening, revenge on their mind, with one sole purpose…to take over the kingdom of the brothers and lay their legend to rest once and for all.

“Waoh! Those bonzos thought they could try their luck one more time” Kinky Tail said to Mr. T. “Wonder from which of the tribes he came from?” countered Mr. T.  “Let’s go check out that axis should in case we will have another visitor tonight” Kinky Tail suggested. And off they went into the night, sauntering majestically through the woods, the other animals paying obeisance to them from a distance.

Three hours into their patrol, they got an info from a squirrel who reported seeing 4 lions within the park. Off the two brothers set off to confront them, trotting off like conquering kings leading a charge into battle.

The 4 Brothers, led by Scarface where within the territory of the brothers by nightfall. And they set to the task of tracking them down, ready for a show down, the mother of all show downs.

Within an hour, the two forces encountered each other. Kinky tail led the charge and the four brothers scattered in fright at the ferocity of his attack. They ran into a scrub and hid, quickly reminding themselves the essence of their mission and they set up an ambush. Kinky tail came charging down, thinking they had taken flight, unbeknownst to him that he was heading into an ambush.

The ferocity of the attack on Kinky Tail cannot be put into writing nor described with words. So intense was the attack that Mr. T turned tail and fled, leaving his brother behind. Kinky Tail realized too late that he had been ambushed, and when he was attacked and saw the intensity and he been surrounded on all sides, he knew this was not like the other battles he had fought in. This was different, and he was filled suddenly with an awful dread of what the end result will be. And he fought like he had never fought before. He reckoned that, if this was going to be the end, he won’t go down alone, and without a fight.

The Four brothers laid in wait as Kinky Tail charged in, oblivious that they were waiting for him.  As soon as he stepped into the shrub, they pounced on him and attacked him like their very lives depended on it. They knew, this was an encounter that one person must die, and it has to be Kinky Tail. Scarface pounced on Kinky Tail’s back and delivered a spine crushing bite on his haunches, breaking his spine. Within minutes, they were tearing out his hind legs, tore out his balls and penis. All the while staying out of the reach of his paws and teeth.

Kinky Tail roared in pain and anger, and struggled to reach his tormentors and tear them to pieces. He felt the moment sharp teeth closed over his manhood and felt the reaping sensation of it been torn out of his body. While trying to process the pain, he felt another pain, unlike what he had ever felt before in his life, a pain that brought to mind, all his life history. The battles he had fought and won, and all the good times he had experienced in life. Suddenly he felt paralysed, and trapped. And watched helplessly as sharp teeth tore at his haunches and sharp claws pinned him down.

Mr. T paused, realizing that he had left behind his brother. He turned back when he heard his blood curling roar and he knew, he had to be there to rescue him. He headed down to the battle field and charged at the four attackers who had his brother pinned down. He was attacked them with ferocity shouting at his brother whom he realized s been gravely wounded to run while he leads them away. He managed to get the four brothers away from kinky tail hoping that his brother would be able to make it to safety before his attackers returned while he disappeared into the night. Unbeknown to him, Kinky tail was not only gravely wounded, he was mortally and fatally wounded.

Kinky Tail faintly heard his brother coming to his rescue, and as he slipped into unconsciousness, heard his brother calling for him to get away to safety. He felt moment of respite as his attackers left him. He was not sure whether to pray for their return to make his passing swift or to pray to the god of the forest to be merciful to him, and take him away from the pain and humiliation he was experiencing. He heard paw steps heading his way, and he waited with dread at his final fate in the paws of his attackers, expecting no mercy from them.

“And this is for Kurt” as Scarface tore away at Kinky tails insides when they returned from pursuing Mr. T. And while he was still breathing, though barely conscious, they began eating Kinky tail. It was such an horrifying turn of event. It was the final blow to the majesty of Kinky tail. To be eating up by a fellow lion. The four brothers sat down and gradually tore him up and ate him. And by midnight, what was left of Kinky Tail was just bones and entrails. After they were done, the four brother led by Scarface began roaring, all night they roared till day break announcing to the park that they were the new lords.

By dawn, Scarface ordered for the search of Mr. T, in order to put down the dynasty finally. They searched everywhere but it seems he had put a great chasm of distance between himself and vanished into thin air once he got wind that his brother had been killed.

The whereabouts of Mr. T remains unknown. There had been reports of him been sighted at the fringe edge of a distant park. But each time he disappears without a trace. Scarface and his brothers are now the lords of the kingdom and every park around them. The legacy and dynasty of their predecessors brought to a brutal bloody end.

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