Long Walk Ahead

“May your road be rough!” Those were the words of a man i respect so highly, in person of the foremost educationalist, the late Dr. Tai Solarin. Back then in Mayflower School, we use to think the man was nuts for cursing us in such manner. But years have passed, we have grown wiser and come to see the wisdom and deep insight in those words of his and seen the practical reality in our lives…in my life.

More often than not, we fail to connect that reality to our daily life that its in the test of our character that we are refined and made better. Its in the multitude of tests we fail and passed that strengthens us, that gives us the resolve to forge ahead to achieve more and do more.

Every decision we take in our lives are premised on this. Irrespective of our religious leaning and ideological stand, it holds true of we choose to look inwards and confront the truth. Prov 24:10 in the Scripture reads that if you fall in the days of adversity, then your strength is weak. It means, in the face of adversity, your strength is tested, and if you fail, get up and get stronger till you overcome it. My Boss always says, “am a master at failing, i have failed many times and i have learnt from each failure”.

The long walk ahead is a long walk for everyone of us. It all depends on the walk you are involved in particular. it differs for different people as i said earlier but its a personal decision if we want to take a short cut or we want to explore the long walk down the designate path.

Truth is, the way can be dreadful when you don’t know what to expect and you are just anticipating that it will work out good, been deliberate in your every actions to ensure you eventually succeed at the end of the log walk. Because at the end, its expected you will be strong and better at the end. The journey will not be exciting, that is definite, but its in how prepared we are for the journey that will let us know, if we will emerge victors at the end or losers.

I have a journey ahead of me, its quite scary i must admit it when i think of the end result, what i stand to gain, i motivate myself to go ahead on the journey. And the reason is not far-fetched. I can sit down in my zone and be happy, or i can decide to move out of my zone and explore new territories and be better off for it.

I choose the long walk to make me a better person in the end and much more valuable to the people around me and to my loved ones. You know why, because i won’t take that journey alone.


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