The King with One Ear – The King and His Kingdom


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“Le Coquin, am doomed! I can’t hear with my left ear again! To be stung by a bee is a headache on its own. but to be deaf in one ear is a death sentence! How can I ever be King?! What can I do?!!” the Prince broke down in tears as he confided in his friend Le Coquin.  He had not eaten anything in 2 days living in moribund fear of being discovered that he had run foul of the Oracle hence not qualified to be King.

Le coquin,  true to his character was able to proffer a solution to the stricken Prince. He suggested to the Prince that he should keep quiet about it and not say a word and ensure that anyone who wants to talk to him should move to his right side if he, Le Coquin was not

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The King With One Ear

Once upon a time in a kingdom far away called Suuru, lived a king who was born with two ears functioning perfectly well.

But somewhere along the line, while growing up, he became deaf in one ear. And the people did not know until certain incidents began to happen.

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You Are Unemployable Because…

Have you ever sat down to ask yourself this question? Ok, lets pause for a moment if you are reading this and you have been hunting for a job for a while now. How unemployable are you?

Am sure you have never given it much serious thought right? That’s one of the reasons why you are not unemployable. Now don’t get me wrong or conclude that am following the norms and newspaper reports. Be it far from it. Follow me on this “short” journey.

We have different people in the job hunting market. University Graduates, Doctorate graduates, different school drop-outs, “Job drop-outs”, “wrong job drop outs” and etc. And the singular question all these people ask is “Why me?”

Now, am not going to bore you with all the statistical details of unemployment and why youths are not employed. The information is on the open market for all and with Election coming up next month, promise galore on the job opportunities to be provided. But we ar yet to see the actionable plans to that effect save from one candidate and it’s yet to be explicitly clear.

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Invasion of a Kingdom…Pt 2

For when a strong man like Satan is fully armed and guards his palace, his possessions are safe—22: until someone even stronger attacks and overpowers him, strips him of his weapons, and carries off his belongings. Luke 11: 21-22


“Where is Kurt?” Asked Scarface the eldest of the 5 brother Alpha lions. “Is he not back from the mission? He is taking too long..” They paced their enclave together fearing the worst for their brother. Wondering if he had gone on the hunt as was his custom when on such errands or he had been caught by the brothers and they had lived up to their reputation.

Suddenly in flew a Crow, with dread written all over his face. The brothers, braced themselves for the news. Kurt had been killed by the two brothers, he had been badly mauled by them. Grief consumed them, anguish overwhelmed them, and then rage engulfed them in totality. They roared out in fury, bloodthirsty, longing for revenge.

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