The King With One Ear

Once upon a time in a kingdom far away called Suuru, lived a king who was born with two ears functioning perfectly well.

But somewhere along the line, while growing up, he became deaf in one ear. And the people did not know until certain incidents began to happen.

The King had a childhood friend called Le coquin. They grew up together in the palace roaming and ransacking the palace grounds as kids. Le coquin’s father was one of the palace chiefs when the King was still a young Prince.

The Prince grew up as a starry eyed trusting lad who had to go through a lot of tutelage from his Father’s appointed tutors and from Palace officials as befitting for the future King. He was taught Palace ethics, and what was expected of him in Public and in Private. He was well on his way to be a fine young King until the unexpected happened.

Le coquin grew up rebellious to the defined norm of a Palace Court Official. He was a loquacious fellow and was always in one form of trouble or the other. He was always at variance with his tutors but he was quick-witted which was a major skill that got him out of trouble most times.

He and the Prince struck up a friendship that most people saw as conflicting going by their individual demeanor and upbringing. But they stuck to each other like a bee to a honeycomb. Le coquin using his quick wits to foment trouble and the Prince, using his power to get them out of trouble to the chagrin of Palace Officials who didn’t have the heart to inform the Father as he had decreed his son his next successor and he was his beloved son.

One day, while the Prince and Le coquin went out to hunt in the forest, Le coquin took the Prince to a honeycomb to have a taste of wild honey. The Prince was initially skeptical about it and didn’t want to try it, but with the insistence and smooth talking of Le coquin, he accepted the challenge that if he tasted it, he would be able to prove to the whole city that he was brave and courageous.

The Prince was fortunately, able to get off a few licks under the guidance of Le coquin without disturbing the bees, how Le coquin was able to achieve that feat is still a mystery to several people privy to this story. Unfortunately, as they turn to leave, Le coquin, in his mischievous mind as he is prone too, threw a rock at the honeycomb and bolted off after screaming a warning at the Prince to run. Unfortunately, as they were trying to make good their escape, a bee entered into the Prince’s ear and stun him! The pain was agonizing and horrible beyond measure! Le coquin was able to get some herbs in the forest and apply it to the ear in an attempt to relieve the pain and pressure and gave the Prince some medicinal leaves to chew as they sat down contemplating on what next to do.


The pain was mildly relieved and they got to the Palace late and didn’t inform anyone about what happened as the Oracle had mandated that whoever is going to be King must never have been stung by a bee nor have any flaws whatsoever.

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