You Are Unemployable Because…

Have you ever sat down to ask yourself this question? Ok, lets pause for a moment if you are reading this and you have been hunting for a job for a while now. How unemployable are you?

Am sure you have never given it much serious thought right? That’s one of the reasons why you are not unemployable. Now don’t get me wrong or conclude that am following the norms and newspaper reports. Be it far from it. Follow me on this “short” journey.

We have different people in the job hunting market. University Graduates, Doctorate graduates, different school drop-outs, “Job drop-outs”, “wrong job drop outs” and etc. And the singular question all these people ask is “Why me?”

Now, am not going to bore you with all the statistical details of unemployment and why youths are not employed. The information is on the open market for all and with Election coming up next month, promise galore on the job opportunities to be provided. But we ar yet to see the actionable plans to that effect save from one candidate and it’s yet to be explicitly clear.

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Game of Love and Deception..


Paul was startled out of his dream by his phone ringing… He was taking an afternoon siesta when he found himself in dream land…he was glad to be awakened by the phone as the dream he was having was giving him cold sweat.

It was his childhood friend on the phone, who was calling to ask about him and catch up on old times. After much banter and laughter, his friend asked him,”How’s your wife?”.

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Sorry, I Made a Mistake…..



I have been irrational, hasty and inexperienced. I ought to have taken my time to learn and be your friend first.

All i wanted was just to get it started and be happy to say i was in a relationship too. But alas, it ought to have been line upon line, precept upon precepts.

I thought our friendship over the years was enough to see us through, but i was mistaken. I thought we knew each other well enough hence tried to rush you but got rushed out instead.

I remember you voiced your concerns about the pace i was moving, your reservations to it…but i was too blindsided to see the warning signs,to carried away to realize it was a different ball game altogether.

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And She Said…….


“Today is my birthday” said Dre to himself as he woke up early Saturday morning..and “Its gonna be a special one as well for me” with light twinkling in his eyes….

He lay back in bed, allowing his mind to fly to a specific destination, not just any destination…It flew to the Lady he had loved in over a year now that he wants to propose to that day.

He reflected on the journey so far with her and the challenges they had encountered together and what the future holds for them.

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Conversation With My Father…

It’s just a few minutes past 12 midnight, 30th of May. Thoughts run random in my head and as much as I try to put a cohesion to it, I get increasingly angry about what am missing that I can’t lay a finger on.

Its 5 months into 2012 and I look at the journey so far and am grateful to God even though am not there yet…but I still have cause to be grateful. Should I start to list it one after the other, starting my Masters program despite the odds, the job in spite of the challenges and frustration most times, my family, through it all God still proves himself, the very few friends I have.. Life, the pure bliss of Continue reading

A Tribute to a Woman of Valor

Early this morning, i got a call from my younger Brother, “Hello Bros, Mama Adamasingba has gone ooo!!!” For a moment i was shocked and told him on the phone, its not possible. Burt why is it not possible?

This is a woman, 90yrs+ who has been on her back for about 10yrs due to an illness that left her paralysed and partially blind. This was a woman, who before she was rendered incapacitated, would come visiting us at home and ready to stand for us and fight for justice and fairness for us. Continue reading

Lust or Love?

Yesterday was a very revealing day to me. It told me something about human emotions especially when it comes to matters of the heart.When the wisest man that ever lived said one of the things that defy explanation to him was the way of a man with a maid, he must have forgotten that its a two way equation; the way of the maid with the man as well!

Actually am baffled with the assumptions People usually have about relationships. Especially when a young man and a woman are seeing each other often. The next thing that will be playing on their minds is, “Maybe he will ask me out” “Am sure that girl is falling for me” etc. Well that is not what i want to dwell on, but on the thin line in between love and lust.

I met this young Lady about 4 years ago in School, a next door neighbor. We see regularly, chat together and keep each other company occasionally. Just a very regular relationship in such a school environment or so i thought. Well, Unfortunately she had to leave school to do her undergraduate outside the country and we lost touch until mid last year when i met her online. We just chatted briefly, said she was married with kids and that was the end or so i thought. Yesterday, i met her online again exchanged pleasantries and then she dropped the bombshell that had me thinking till now.
She said till now, she has not found anybody like me, that didn’t really get me. What got me was that, she claimed to have loved me then, but that i rejected her! And she held that in her mind all these years! And i can remember vividly the last night i was with her;a night where passion almost enveloped us but for God’s mercy. And i left town the next day to avoid getting entangled and she travelled that week as well. And not for once did it ever occur to me that i want to date her or go out with her in anyway whatsoever. And she herself never raised or suggested it in any form either subtle or flagrant.

And last night i was thinking, where is the line of demarcation between lust and love? Or perhaps, is this lust or love in operation? We got chatting for quite a while and she later called me. But one thing i was able to decipher out of our conversation was an underlying lust masked as love. (Maybe my assumptions). But it was so strong. I could feel its pulsating power at work even across the distance between us, across the time that has separated us all these years, its potency,at its peak, like a pot of boiling water. Its heat searing and scotching like a volcanic lava consuming anything that dares stand in its way. And i asked myself again, is this lust or love?

Am not trying to be a Saint and i will never attempt to be one. Its just a pity when People look at me like a saint or assume am as innocent as a baby.But babies are not innocent when you get privy of the atrocities they commit has well when sucking their Mother’s breast. But i like to be real with myself. Especially when it comes to matters of the heart, i like telling myself the home truth to avoid getting unnecessarily mired in a quagmire.

But, i wonder why people will equate lust with love or why people tend to think along that line. Probably, the lines are so blurred into one another that a clear cut distinction can’t be made but i don’t want to believe that is the case. I believe its about our value system. What we hold dear and cherish. Its about us as individuals, what we see in ourselves that no other can see in us. Our fundamental identity and understanding about ourselves, not tied to another person. Even though, emotions can blunt out all logic and reasoning, i believe it can be mastered well enough for us not to be overwhelmed at critical moments in our lives.

Yes it may be a thin line, but thin enough to differentiate between life and death.