And She Said…….


“Today is my birthday” said Dre to himself as he woke up early Saturday morning..and “Its gonna be a special one as well for me” with light twinkling in his eyes….

He lay back in bed, allowing his mind to fly to a specific destination, not just any destination…It flew to the Lady he had loved in over a year now that he wants to propose to that day.

He reflected on the journey so far with her and the challenges they had encountered together and what the future holds for them.

He reached out instinctively to his bedside locker to pick up the engagement ring he had purchased months back to use in proposing to her. It had become a sort of talisman he beholds every morning before leaving the house.

“I must propose to her as she arrives at the airport today” He thought to himself… he had rehearsed the lines over the last six months willing the courage to come to the surface for him to propose. And he smiled knowingly that today at-last the courage is here!!!

A shrill ringtone shattered his daydreams and it was a call from work..he needs to be in the office to attend to a meeting. He swore quietly under his breath as he had forgotten completely about the meeting.  He headed to the bathroom to freshen up and get set for the day all the while humming to himself, Louis Armstrong hit classic, “What a wonderful world”.

The whole day was like a blur to him, time flew past, he was all radiant like the full moon. It was indeed a wonderful world to him in the office. His colleagues could not help but notice and wonder why Dre seems extremely happy. But with a twinkle in his eyes, he smiles a response “Its my birthday that’s all!!”

By noon, he was out of the office heading to the airport to go meet his sweetheart. He conscripted Oye, a mutual friend of theirs to drive him down and he happily shared what he intended to do once he picked up his girlfriend, giving him the job of the record keeper of the event.

Christy just came in from Dubai where she had gone to spend her break. She was tired and waiting for her luggage to be out and excited about seeing her boyfriend. “Missed him so much…can’t believe i can miss him this bad”. “Got so many things to talk about, wedding plans, where to spend honeymoon..” “Has he proposed marriage to you officially?” A voice whispered in her ears..”No he hasn’t” She responded silently and shrugged her it important??

Her phone rang, it was her colleague and friend calling to know if she was out at the arrival gate already so she could be picked up. She informed him she was waiting for her luggage, that once its out she will be en route the gate.

After about 30 mins of waiting, she called she was at the arrival gate, and promptly, a car parked by her side and Dre stepped out. She ran into his arms and he lifted her up in excitement. Promptly, they loaded her bags in the car and zoomed off.

As Oye pulled out of the airport, he changed the music to ever green love songs and increased the volume. Been an avid music lover, he knew Christy won’t give much thought to what he’s playing and moreover, she will think he was cheeky as usual with them in the car.

Then Billy ocean’s Suddenly came on air..and Dre sang softly to himself, a knowing smile caressing his face. He stole a side glance at Oye driving and saw he kept a straight face so as not to let the cat out of the bag. Christy barely paid little attention to the song..she was just going on about her trip to Dubai and asking how everyone fared in her absence. K.C and Jojo’s hit, “All my life” played next and Dre thought to himself, “this Oye guy is something else…just so on point with the selections!” And he sang quietly underneath his breath as he waited patiently to get home and finish the assignment he gave himself to do.

Eventually they got home, offloaded the bags and friends where on ground to welcome Christy and to wish Dre a happy birthday. Oye subtly got everyone together and Dre cleared his throat like an Old Professor of English about to make a pronouncement.

“Today is my birthday and there is only one gift i have desired so far today”. Everyone looked on wondering, what the gift he desired was about. He smile round the room and drew Christy to him, and said “the gift i so desired today” and he went down on one knee, and brought out the ring “Is for Christy to say yes, she will marry me”

“Where would we go celebrate Dre’s birthday today? We need to catch up on the days we have not seen each other.” She said to herself as she took her bags in. She swiftly freshened up and had a change of cloths and heard Dre calling her name saying it was time for them to go out to mark his birthday. “I’ll be out in a minute sweetheart” She called out to him.

She emerged and saw everyone gathered together with Dre talking in the midst of them. She barely paid attention to what he was saying, thought probably he was talking about the football match that will take place later in the day. “Men and football sha!” Then she felt Dre pulling her to him and heard,”the gift i so desired today Is for Christy to say yes, she will marry me.”

For some microsecond, she was dumbfounded and wondering…”am i dreaming?” Then true to her nature, she recovered fast, and threw a hug on Dre exclaiming “YES I DO!”



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