Out of The Ashes, A New Nation is Birthed

The  first emergency call came in 10:46pm that fateful Saturday night of April 1st 2017. And from then till 4am, it was a bedlam of activities, flurry of running feet, wails of agitated bystanders, shouts of confusion and a subdued silence.

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A Tribute to a Woman of Valor

Early this morning, i got a call from my younger Brother, “Hello Bros, Mama Adamasingba has gone ooo!!!” For a moment i was shocked and told him on the phone, its not possible. Burt why is it not possible?

This is a woman, 90yrs+ who has been on her back for about 10yrs due to an illness that left her paralysed and partially blind. This was a woman, who before she was rendered incapacitated, would come visiting us at home and ready to stand for us and fight for justice and fairness for us. Continue reading