Out of The Ashes, A New Nation is Birthed

The  first emergency call came in 10:46pm that fateful Saturday night of April 1st 2017. And from then till 4am, it was a bedlam of activities, flurry of running feet, wails of agitated bystanders, shouts of confusion and a subdued silence.

Ten fire engines were required to put out the raging inferno, such a thirsty beast was the fire. All the goods in the warehouse was incinerated, and the adjoining offices, lost all.

The irony of it all, was a prelaunch was to occur in exactly 9 days time, but all the gifts, the new products and the old products went up in flames like cinder, and all that was left, were twisted frames of TVs, Gas Cookers, Pressure cookers, melted bottles, molten and burnt mass, destroyed buildings and other adjoining materials.

The estimated loss was about N300 Million. Enough to wreak any company and set down the vultures of doom and the ravens of despair and a flock of chatter box geese. And with insurance covering just one sixth of it, its like our whole world was plunged into utter darkness by PHCN.

But like the rock of Gibraltar, we were undaunted, we were unshaken, we were resolute in the face of adversity and we set our face like a flint, like a eagle in flight, we flew on towards our destination and hosted the biggest and best award and pre launch event in the history of the company.

Gifts were given out to distributors, many were celebrated, and a new Nation was birthed in the midst of hope, joy, laughter and renewed eagerness.

Like a Phoenix, we were reborn the 9th of April 2017, with a new zeal and desire to run the race and create an impact across the nation, rejuvenating health,  restoring homes and families.

We became A Nation with Hope, Opportunities, and Great Potentials. With what it takes to make your dreams come through! We became !


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