Words on the Marble

“The alimentary canal of our state ministers does not digest gold”…Dr Tai Solarin.
With the recent spate of events happening in our country, one is left to wonder of our ministers or leaders particularly the presidency is interested in the welfare of their people.

It leaves a sour taste to the mouth when people elected(selected) to lead act inured to the happenings all around us. I am left to wonder the sanity if those who voted them in not to talk of questioning their own sanity that is, if they do have!!!

The spate of bombings in our nation has now reached a peak that i am wondering and asking myself, are we at war?

And of a truth we are at war! War against the forces of mediocrity that has taken over our nation, war against politicians that care only for their belly, war against figurehead presidency who does not know his right from his left. war against poverty, war against environmental nuisance, war against corruption and the list goes on and on…

All these have eaten deep into our fabric as a nation that we have lost all sense of decency and decorum to discern what matters most and what does not.

To us, everything goes inasmuch as it does not hinder bread from coming to our table, not disturb our sleep at night.

We can’t keep like this for long, its high time the docile giant in us gets up and becomes bold and courageous. High time we stop acting like idiots who allow themselves to be governed by an idiot worse off than them (Jonas).

The waters of the ocean never moves, until the tide moves with the wind…….

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