God Give Us Men! Part 2

Unlucky the land whose king is a young pup,
And whose princes party all night.
Lucky the land whose king is mature,
Where the princes behave themselves
And don’t drink themselves silly……..Eccc 10:16-17 (MSG)


Am sure Josiah Gilbert Holland must have had this scriptures in mind when he penned the poem, God Give Us Men!

In our nation Nigeria, ever since we returned to democracy in 1999, i would say, the last 3 years has been the most miserable, and heart-rending so far. Before you start to take pocket shots, lets sit back and do a reflection, from Obasanjo’s 8 years to Yar’Adua’s 2-3 year sojourn and to Ebele’s current dispensation.

Each time i had the opportunity to sit with my Brother to talk heart to heart, his one major line is this, “It has never been this bad, but it will get better”. His other line, “this country cannot go on like this, otherwise there will be a total catastrophe”. And i won’t agree less… Here is someone who runs his own business and provides jobs for People. But has been forced to tailor down his operations, lay off people and had to set up a satellite office due in an area with “better” electricity than where the main office is.

Let’s look at the economy, yes we re-based our economy this year to make us the biggest economy in Africa, but in terms of naira and kobo to the peasant on the streets, what has this translated to? To the young chap and lady just leaving school, what is the job prospects? To the entrepreneur, where is the market, the financing, the wherewithal to successfully establish and run a business.

According to the Economist, ” Of course, Nigerians are no richer than they were……. The majority of the country’s 170m people live on less than a dollar a day. What the revised GDP figures show is that its economy is far more than just an oil enclave, exporting crude to pay for imported goods from richer countries. The oil industry’s share of GDP is now put at just 14%, compared with 33% according to the old figures. Manufacturing is much larger than previously thought. Services are booming. It is still a tough place in which to do business. – See more at: http://www.economist.com/blogs/economist-explains/2014/04/economist-explains-2#sthash.WqXrim3L.dpuf

With Oil accounting for 75% of Budgetted revenue, it is becoming increasingly a stark reality that the country needs to change its source of revenue from predominantly oil to other alternate source. Oil revenues has been on a steady decline in the last couple of years with the resultant effect on government budgeting, weaker oil prices, fall in capital project funding, fall in revenue sharing and all the works.


To be continued….


We Are Groot!

Yesterday was my Boss’s birthday…he’s not only my Boss, but Coach, Pastor, Friend and a man of different facets. Once more, happy birthday to you CM-Sir!!!

In all the years i had known him and worked alongside him, i have never seen anyone with a large-heart like him nor as compassionate like him. I have seen him in different situations and his response has always baffled me and left me thinking.

Now this post is not about him per se, though it has to do with his birthday celebration yesterday. We went to watch a movie with everyone in the office, the movie title, Guardians of the Galaxy. Quite an interesting movie, with laughs, suspense, high-points and low-points with the different characters in the movie.
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The power of choice seems to be one of the most powerful and valuable gift God has given us.

We choose what we want, how we want it and how  to simply go about it.

Most times we think we are restricted, but we have chosen to be restricted in the real sense of it by the decisions we have undertaken and steps we have followed through.

The power to choose, has more often than not been misused and abused…..and with it comes grave implications and repercussions.

I decide today, to follow my heart and trust in the Spirit of God in me to guide me…….

You an choose how to live and how not too….the decisions pending before you, rely heavily on your choices..good, bad ugly or downright absurd.

Happy New Month of June!!!

Game of Love and Deception..


Paul was startled out of his dream by his phone ringing… He was taking an afternoon siesta when he found himself in dream land…he was glad to be awakened by the phone as the dream he was having was giving him cold sweat.

It was his childhood friend on the phone, who was calling to ask about him and catch up on old times. After much banter and laughter, his friend asked him,”How’s your wife?”.

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Miracle of Prayer….Conclusion.

“This is jackpot, both a car and a boy to sell off! Am in money!!” “atleast, i can pay Iya Risikat her money, and be able to buy 2 more buses and be my own boss……no more doing boy-boy to anybody” Shina thought to himself, and gave the kid sitting beside him, a leering smile. He was so happy with his craftiness. He fooled the woman out of the car after offering to help her.
“She’s such a fool!! How can she be so gullible enough to get out of the car and leave her son in the car? DOesn’t she know that the world has become a wicked place?” “Trust no one at all!!” He smiled as he ruminates over it. But then a pang of guilt hit him in the guts. “But what has this woman done to deserve this?” The thought came to him. She just asked for help, is it now a crime to ask? “How am i to trust the people am going to meet even? What if the Police come looking for me what will i do?” Fear gripped him at that point and a terrible dread came over him in that instant. And as if the car sensed his thoughts, it stopped right in the middle of the road!

Shina got down, and tried starting the vehicle to no avail. He had a bit of a vehicle mechanic background and did some test runs on the car, but the car simply would not start. It was as if it wasn’t the same vehicle that he had driven for the last 20 minutes. The battery failed to come on, the lights all went out totally. He was perplexed, his fanciful day-dreams went out like the car battery and he stood dazed and confused on what to do.

The vehicle had stopped in the remote area of waterworks, Eleyele, and it was a very quiet, unsecured area prone to all shades of characters. He got two rough-looking guys to help him with the car, he had known them for a while and they all tried looking at what the problem was.

Somewhere, somehow, he heard a voice, push the vehicle away from here. Together with his two other cohorts, they pushed the car up the hill of the waterworks to the main road. From there, like a programmed robot, they pushed the car down the hill-side road of Eleyele, up the hill-side road to Fan milk. They stopped on the way and people gave them curious stares wondering why they can’t get a towing vehicle to tow the vehicle. But the men were fervent with the task at hand. As if been hounded by legions from hell, they could not dare take a breather for more than 2 minutes before they set to the task again.

Fadeke and her husband Joe sat in the living room, heads down, wondering what they would do next. The Police Officers had assured them they will find Little Abe and bring him home safe, but it left no room of comfort for the family. As the evening breeze fanned itself around there house on a hill, they sat in fervent prayer for the recovery of their son. Joe was going out and coming in, standing by the gate, looking across the valley hoping against hope to catch a glimpse of his son walking up the road or the car coming up…but it was all futile.

Around 6pm, they heard a knock at the gate. Both husband and wife were startled at the knock and rushed to the door, Fadeke stood rooted to the spot when she saw Shina alongside her Son, Abe at the gate!!!! For seconds, Husband and Wife stood gawking them unbelieving, before Fadeke snatched Abe from his hands and gave him a bear hug, weeping and dancing that he had been found. Joe stepped outside to converse with Shina, asking him how he got to know the house, he replied he didn’t know, but that they pushed the car all the way here. Sure enough, Shina together with his two friends, were panting like a deer that had run a 100 km stretch and badly in need of water.

Joe offered them water to drink, went out to check the car, got in and turned the ignition, and like a brand new car, the engine purred to life!!! The three men were stood in unbelief at the turn of events. The swore over everything they could swear on that the vehicle had refused to start, hence they had pushed it all the way!! If only the vehicle could respond and confirm what they were saying, it will be a welcome relief to them, but it seems all the strength had been drained out of their body after it seem the legions of hell had wiped them into a frenzy to get the car and the kid home! They were panting, worn out and wasted thoroughly by the time they got to the house of Joe and Fadeke.

They thanked them profusely and bid them farewell, praying never to set eyes on them again till eternity.

A joyous mood overcame their household that evening. Joe postponed his trip till the next day while he led the family in prayer of thanksgiving to God. Grandma was so relieved, she stayed in the toilet for an hour, worshipping God, for she had been pressed since morning but would not get up to use the toilet. Oye and Ope were just too glad to have Abe back in the house for them to continue their Police and thief games, oblivious to what was going on. For Abe, it was just another day of adventure for him. Totally unaware of the strange events and the implications.

Monday morning, Fadeke was at the Police Station to report that her son had been found, and the vehicle located. The Police Officers on duty, doubted she was the same person that came in Saturday afternoon to log in a report. She was dressed in a white well starched nurse uniform, looking prim and proper. Not until she narrated the events that they believed she was indeed the same person and found the story of the recovery incredible to believe. It was like a fairy tale to them. The car dying on the would be kidnapper, and him pushing the car all the way to their house that he had never been before!!!!

She went to the Park as well to show her appreciation, they marvelled that it was she they actually did saw on Saturday and praised God for his mercies. They also informed her, they had expelled Shina from their park, for he brought them into disrepute with People and was a blemish to their association.

Meanwhile, oh his majestic throne, God gave a knowing smile as he accepted the worship of Fadeke and her family and all the people concerned and gave an order for a protective hedge be placed round the family from that day from now on till eternity.

Fadeke later went to the hospital to be treated for her injuries, which miraculously, where only superficial with no major damage at all.


Miracle of Prayer..


“Dear, i’ll be taking your car out to the market this morning, will be back by noon” Fadeke called to her husband who was still snucked in bed early saturday morning. “Can i go with you mummy?” Abe her 8 yr old son asked..”Sure why not she replied.”

Off they went to the market in Joe’s car, mother and son on a bright saturday morning It was fun and exciting for little Abe. At least he was away from home and the dreary house cores Grandma will make sure they do along his Brothers, Oye and Ope.

But little do they know what lies in store for them that they.

After the going around, haggling for better bargain and getting the boot of the car loaded, mother and son got into the vehicle at and left Bodija market en route home at Benjamin, Eleyele. On getting to Sango, She stopped to buy something by the road side and Fadeke could not ignite the engine when she was done.

So the car was pushed off the road to check and it was discovered that it was a kick starter problem, that the vehicle could be jump started.

Unfortunately, Fadeke, though being driving for a while now, did not know how to jump-start the car. Quite incidentally, they had stopped by the popular Sango Garage, so the Bus drivers were readily available to help. So one of them offered to help jump-start the vehicle while Fadeke got out and gave a helping hand to push the vehicle.
The vehicle was given a push, the man jump started the car and Vrooom!!! He zoomed off with little Abe in the car!!!!!!!

For a split second that looked like eternity, Fadeke was stunned so were the people who stood there. And when the vehicle disappeared from view, the reality of what happened hit Fadeke with the full force of a tornado. She screamed and threw herself on the ground right in the middle of the road and shouted out a prayer to God in her anguish, “God scatter the workings of that vehicle and give me my son hail, hearty and unharmed!!”

People tried to console her and rally to her aid, but there was no way to trace the car. Someone volunteered to race after the car, but valuable time had been lost and he had simply vanished into thin air with the car and little Abe in it!

In her desolate confusion, she ran into the road, and a vehicle overran her and the people all around were aghast at the turn of events wondering, “This woman whose son has just been kidnapped and her car stolen has been knocked down by a vehicle!!” But to the consternation of all, Fadeke rolled out from underneath the vehicle and shouted “Am alive oo!! There is nothing wrong!! Just get me my son!!!!”

The Sango Park Transport officials were in a quandary of what to do. They successfully identified the driver that took off with the car, but they could not locate where he stays in particular. The irony was, there was no mobile phone to use to communicate as we have now, it was a frustrating heart-wrenching period for all who were there.

Fadeke was taken to the Police Station which was close to the park to lodge a complaint, and a Police officer took down her statement and escorted her home to tell her husband, Joe who was due to travel later in the day on Saturday.

Meanwhile, Joe was getting impatient at home, waiting for his wife to return so he could end his discussion with her before he travels out-of-town.
Grandma was having a hard time getting Oye and Ope to understand why their Mum was not home yet with Abe since it was a saturday and they knew she wasn’t going to work and Daddy was at home too. She could hear Joe muttering to himself, wondering why Fadeke was taking such a long time to return home and she was getting agitated herself for she wanted to take her medications and sleep. But sleep was far with the two young boys roaming the house.

Suddenly they heard a knock on the gate and saw Fadeke accompanied by two Police Officers and 3 men… Joe was taken aback wondering what the problem was especially seeing Fadeke dishevelled and looking like she had passed through the Sahara desert and taken a dip in Ogunpa river. He asked, “What’s the problem? Where is my Son?”

Fadeke broke down inconsolable unable to speak, it was one of the men that spoke, narrating what happened. Joe was stunned to his marrow, Grandma, saw her world coming to an end. The questions, how? Why? When? What? came rumbling together like rivers approaching a confluence in Joe’s mind as he could not fathom what they were saying. He responded, “Find my son!!”

Grandma tried consoling her daughter, but she was at a loss herself… In her mind, a repeat scenario was playing itself out, for she had lost one of her sons years ago, he walked out of the house and never returned, in an apparent grudge with his family. And till date, reports of his whereabouts are known, but all communications cut off.

Grandma rolled on the floor in silent prayer of anguish to God, weeping and begging for mercy to find her Grandson, Abe.
Oye and Ope, stood wondering the turn of events. Even though Oye was 9yrs old, he saw the look in his mother’s eyes to know that he needs to keep Ope in check who was just 5yrs old.

But somewhere in this mirage of confusion, desolation and anguish, the prayer of a righteous man availed…God heard the cry of the desolate disoriented Fadeke and caused the impossible to happen.

To be continued..



Today marks the beginning of another year for me on earth.

Its been a sojourn of three decades plus of different experiences and lessons.

I look back and i take a look at the past, things that i had done, things that i had accomplished, the battles won and the battles lost. In it all, i say thank you to God….because, for his grace….i wouldn’t know where to be found.

I look ahead, and see the pathway and the future God has destined for me, i approach with trepidation, not because i don’t trust God, but because of the enormous responsibility that comes with that particular path. But one thing i have asked God, GRACE.

Am not sure what my scorecard will be in the office today, has it is the tradition, when we mark our birthdays, but am sure and hopeful i would get a few positives compared to last year :)….Its always a time of genuflection and areas to work on. I sure know am a work in progress, and its not about the feedback..though its a measure of check to see how far you have progressed. But what i rely on, is what God tells me daily…” I am your Father, greater is what you have in you than what is in the world….The world awaits your coming and manifestation..in the due season..”

This is meant to be a brief post, just to say Thank you Father for adding another year to my life, for the good things you have in store for me, for the land that is spread all around to be conquered, for the destinies to be blessed, homes restored, blind seeing, the deaf hearing and the good news been spread.

I ask for this Father, to see you more clearly, love you more dearly and follow you more nearly, day by day. Amen.

Happy Birthday to ME!!!!



We Are All Thirsty…….


Sometime last week, i took a rare day off work and went visiting a close a close family member. He was on his way for a prayer meeting and he invited me along.

We got there, the meeting was almost over so he ran in to join the prayer….and when i got there my spirit did not settle in for the meeting so i stepped outside to wait out the meeting. Then it came to me….there are several churches, mosques, religious organisations and several religious programs all over the place and still no end to the seemingly mirage of problems they all seek in these places.

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True North of Decision


“Out of the night that covers me, black as the pit from pole to pole..i am the master of my fate, i am the captain of my soul!”…..6 years i sang that song with my classmates in secondary school. Used to think it was just one of those meaningless songs with ungodly undertone. But maturity and the ways of life have made me realize, it’s a song latent with meaning, pregnant with words..unspoken. Continue reading



Quite a while that i sent a post out. Been so much occupied with work and all the sorts that i have not had a moment to pour out my mind and thoughts…Sam’s thots its called and should be filled with my  thoughts on issues.

Well several waters have passed under the bridge, events have happened in our country and in my personal life has well and several times i have sat back to reflect on it.

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